Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Eagle has landed in 2019

Thomas A. Simone Award

Congratulations goes out to the 2019 Simone Award Winner for the best Football player in the Kansas City area. 

That, you may be wanting to know is Arland Bruce IV of the Olathe North Eagles

This season, Arland Bruce IV and his Olathe North Eagles finished 10-3 with a runner-up finish in the 6A Title game to the Derby Panthers. 

During Arland Bruce IV's 2019 run to the Simone, his work on the field allowed him to total 43 Touchdowns, and 2,487 yards in those 13 games played. Mr. Bruce is following in his fathers footsteps as an Eagles student-athlete having previously won the award in 1995. 

This morning at Olathe North High School, the Eagles and the rest of Kansas City High School Football 

Past Eagles who won the Simone Award:

2009 - James Franklin
2002 - Jim Bouknight
2001 - Maurice Mack
2000 - Darren Sproles 
1997 - Josh Brewer
1995 - Arland Bruce III

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