Monday, November 11, 2019

Week-11-State Quarter-Finals aka Sectional


8 - BVN (5-5) vs 5 - BVT (7-3) @ BVT - BVT leads the series 28-7
* Rematch W#2: DYK that this is only not the only time these two have met twice in one season? Fortunately those are recent times as it has taken place in 2016 and 2017. Even though the Mustangs have had an impressive, and dominating run this decade with a State Title over the Derby Panthers, the Tigers are 9-1 since the 2012 season.

2 - ONE (8-2) vs 6 - BVW (7-3) @ ODAC - ONE leads the series 4-0
* The last time these two met was in 2017 in week-10. In all four meetings, the Jaguars have been competitive despite the turnover of Head Coaches that the Eagles have brought against them.  Can the Jaguars stop the Eagles? It will be hard to stop Arland Bruce IV but it will take a lot of work to accomplish.  This will not be an easy game, but high scoring it can.


1 - DER (10-0) vs 4 - MAN (9-1) @ DER - DER leads the series 5-0
* Having met in five previous meetings, the Panthers and Indians are quite the match up when they cross paths. These five meetings have all taken place in the post-season weeks 9 to 12 throughout this last decade of play. Can Joe Schartz' Indians make  an upset happen?! For now, it is too early to tell, but underestimating the Indians could be what ultimately ends a possible Panthers dynasty?

7 - JCB (8-2) vs 3 - TOP (9-1) @ TOP - JCB leads the series 28-10
* Outright. For the first time ever, the Trojans will have to meet the Blue jays in post-season history. Coach Walt Alexander of Topeka, knows that this will not be easy. To get in to the 6A Final Four, he will have to overcome a powerful Junction City offensive unit. For many seasons now, Randall Zimmerman has ran the table at Junction City and conquering everything in their Centennial path. The Blue jays unlike the Trojans are no stranger to post-season success. In Zimmerman's 25 years with the Blue jays they are 10-11 in post-season play with a State Title in 2008.


1 - DES (10-0) vs 4 - MVJ (7-3) @ DES - MVJ leads the series 4-0
* 15 years or the Battle of the #232: This 2019 season to close out the decade seems like it all started out of the blue in 2010. As the decade began and the Jaguars ushered in a new Head Coach of Joel Applebee, and the De Soto Wildcats were going through many ups and downs in their program times were about to change. In 20 seasons of Football, the Jaguars made leaps and jumps from their start in the Kaw Valley League, Independent (somewhat) and in to the EKL, while the De Soto Wildcats, quietly went about their business improving each and every year under Brian King. While the Jags have two 5A State Titles under their belt in 15 and 16, the Wildcats have the opportunity to snatch the dream away and continue to rise up on the east playoff bracket.

2 - STA (9-0) vs BSW (3-7) @ STA - STA leads the series 6-2
* Undefeated. Yes. The 2019 regular season the Saints continue to defeat one after another on the opposing sideline. Since 2010, the T-Wolves are 2-6 in all all-time meetings. The T-Wolves Anthony Orrick is 1-4. Although this will not be an easy game, the Saints under Randy Dreiling have lost to the T-Wolves once in his tenure as Saints Head Coach back in 2016. This will not be easy for the T-Wolves playing on the road, but an upset is always just around the corner in a playoff race.


1 - TON (10-0) vs 4 - BMS (8-2) @ TON - First meeting, series tied 0-0
* Entering Friday's game, this will be the first ever meeting of the Chieftains and Stags. This game will not be easy for the Stags as the Chieftains have played very well at home all season. That said, Bishop Miege has had their fair share of success on the road as well. This years season of play by Al Troyer's Chieftains has been the best in his eight year tenure.

Best of luck to all of the teams in tonights games!

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