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Week-9-Playoff "Play In"

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1 - GET (7-1) vs 16 - SMN (0-8) - GET leads the series 2-0
* In only two meetings Gardner leads the series and will meet up with the SM North Indians. While finishing the season 0-8, this was not what the Indians had in store after coming off a 4-5 year in 2018. Look for a good fight against the Trailblazers as the Indians will hope to get points on the board against a very good defense.

8 - BVN (3-5) vs 9 - SMS (2-6) - BVN leads the series 9-7
* Neighbors. These two teams are separated by a couple streets and 435. Of the 16 all-time meetings dating back to 1990 in week-10 (first meeting) the Mustangs have dominated in the series. If you are wondering how they met this often? Due to the old District playoff system, the Mustangs and Raiders typically met in a District Region before taking the top team, and later the top two moving on in the old playoff system. Since 2011, the Mustangs are 4-2 agains the Raiders.

4 - OEH (6-2) vs 13 - OSF (2-6) - OEH leads the series 17-15
* Not a stranger at all. DYK? The last time these two met twice was in the 2016 season? It has also happened in 2006-2007-2011 as well, and sometimes the series going to the Falcons. Of all current SFL Football teams, these teams have met the most consistently of all 12, now 13 schools in the 6A east of Johnson County. Jesse Owen in 3-3 all-time having won the last three in a row since 2017. Can the Falcons stop the fast Hawks this season? It will not be easy but the Falcons if they can play strong could move on.

5 - BVT (5-3) vs 12 - SME (2-6) - BVT leads the series 4-1
* 2016 sound familiar?! In a thriller of a game led by the former Eric Driskell, the Tigers and Lancers had an epic battle on the gridiron! For a huge week-12 game to see who will go on to meet the Derby Panthers. That night the Tigers won 35-34 in OT and represented the 6A-East. This year, the Tigers, and Lancers will meet for the first time in week-9 play. This could be a great game to see at Blue Valley High, where the Tigers have historically been great at taking care of business on the home field.

2 - ONE (6-2) vs 15 - ONW (1-7) - ONE leads the series 13-2
* What are the odds? Well, to be honest, this is what happens or can happen in the seeding process that will allow a rematch to happen and a team to possibly get revenge from a previous meeting. For the Ravens, this will not be easy from the start. Count them out? No. Expect big things? Yes, and from all 16 teams to give it everything they have. There is no secret that the Eagles will want this from the start as well. Winning does not come easy and upsets are a lot of fun in the making of a Cinderella story on the gridiron.

7 - WYN (3-4) vs 10 - JCH (2-6) - WYN leads the series 25-22
* A third rematch to account for: As is the KCAL, the Bulldogs and Hawks too are no strangers to each other throughout the years. This series lately has belonged to the Bulldogs having won 8 of the last 9 games since the 2011 season. The first time these two met was the Fall of 1973 in week-6.

3 - SNW (6-2) vs 14 - BNW (2-6) - BNW leads the series 6-4
* The old playoff format is now able to renew a few odd and old game meetings of the District play era, now found today in the modern day seeding of play. The Cougars and Huskies will meet for the 11th time. Under former Head Coaches Steve Harms (5-1), Tenney Dewey (1-1) and Mike Zegunis (0-2) the last time both met was during the in the fall of 2007. 12 years later these two will have a chance to take on a game in the battle of the geographical "directionals."

6 - BVW (5-3) vs 11 - SMW (2-6) - BVW leads the series 1-0
* In 2003 Tim Callaghan took over for departing Jon Krug who would become an AC for the new Olathe Northwest Ravens as the new addition to the SFL. Callaghan's first game ever as Vikings Head Coach was against the Jaguars and current AC Scott Wright. For the first round of the playoffs these two will meet for the first time and it will be Josh Korkenmeier's first meeting against the Vikings. Can SM West pull an upset? It will be a great game between the two schools, as they have met multiple times over in many other Fall, Winter, and Spring team sports since the 2001 season when BV West opened.


5 - LFS (7-1) vs 12 - WST (3-5) - First meeting series 0-0
* As the Firebirds build up their 6A-W non-conference games since the start of the new post-season in 2016, they stand at 7-3 in 10 previous games. Those three losses, are all to the Derby Panthers. One question remains for the Titans, can the Titans upset the Firebirds? First year Head Coach Russ Wells Titans have lost the previous five games after a hot 3-0 start to begin the year. On the other side of the coin, Kevin Stewart's Firebirds have won six straight after starting 1-1.

2 - LAW (7-1) vs 15 - TWR (3-5) - First meeting series tied 0-0
* For decades the Chesty Lions have played Topeka or even Highland Park dating back to the 1940s and beyond prior to their entry in to the Sunflower League in 1954. For the first time in the history of both schools they will meet on the gridiron. While the 3-5 looks like a down year for the JR Blues, the team led by


8 - Shawnee-Heights (4-4) vs 9 - LAN (4-4) - Series tied 2-2
* 500 ball. Both teams have had good successful play throughout the season and it will feel similar to that of March Madness for an 8v9 match up. Historically, these two have met in rare District games at times during the old playoff system. However in more recent times these two can and will continue to see a lot more of each other come post-season play. In a rematch, can the Lions come away with the win? We will see Coach Dylan Brown's kids can pull away with a win on the road for consecutive road trips.

4 - MVJ (5-3) vs 13 - TWC (1-7) - MVJ leads the series 1-0 
* Nothing is easy in High School Football. Preparing for an opponent a school has never faced is even harder. Yes, with the assistance of some game reports, and knowing the right places to look (interwebs) etc. one can scout the other without being noticed. For the Topeka West Chargers, this will not be any easy task to take on a strong Jaguars program. While they had a slow start, it comes with the territory from year to year with any team. Can Ryan Kelly's Chargers play the upset team? It very well could but with a big task at hand, keeping the ball away from the Jaguars will not be easy. Joel Applebee and his team will see a rematch of the 2018 week-9 final in which the score was 49-10 Jaguars.

5 - OWO (5-3) vs 12 - SEA (1-7) - First meeting series tied 0-0
* The young, and talented Owls will meet with the Seaman Vikings of the Centennial League. This will be the first meeting of the two, as the Owls are coming in to the meeting with a five game winning streak, and the Vikings are 1-3 in their last four games. That lone win was a 45-6 final over the Topeka West Chargers.

2 - STA (7-0) vs 15 - THP (0-8) - STA leads the series 1-0
* This game could possibly have a running clock at the start of the second half. Expect to see the Saints start and finish this game similar to the final score in 2018 week-9. For the Highland Park Scotties, this will mark an unprecedented streak of 00 straight losses dating back to week-3 of the 20xx season.

7 - SJA (4-4) vs 10 - LVP (3-5) - First meeting series tied 0-0
* The Thunder have had a program for 12 Varsity seasons. This is the first time the Pioneers will meet the Thunder in a big week-9 play-in. Both had great starts to their seasons, and rebounding from a sub-par 2018. This meeting could have a lot of scoring, and could ultimately come down to the last possession of the game. Sean Sachen's Pioneers will not be afraid to go up against Tom Radke's Thunder from the start of kickoff.

3 - WAS (6-2) vs 14 - BSW (1-7) - BSW leads the series 2-0
* In a previous regime of former Coaches, the Wildcats, and T-Wolves met early on in the T-Wolves younger seasons of play during the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Both schools have since changed Coaches, and cultures of their programs since. Wildcats Alumni Cam Smith is now leading the team and brought them back to their first KCAL league title since Brian Salsgiver earlier in the decade. Can the upstart, and fast Wildcats tame the T-Wolves? It will not be easy, but it would be a first for many to come for a KCK school to come away with a win against a Johnson County High School.

6 - FLS (4-3) vs 11 - SAS (3-5) - FLS leads the series 18-12
* With the exception of the Washington Wildcats this post-season, every KCAL school in their respective classes will once again reunite for round-2 to see who will make it to week-10. Both the Stallions and Sabres have been playing well as of late, and a win from either side will prove to be a motivating key throughout the bracket. Can the Sabres lead an upset by Andrew Wright, or the Stallions and first year Head Coach Taylor Wallace Jr. sweep the series after two consecutive losses at Washington and home to Basehor-Linwood. The Stallions have won 9 straight games since the 2011 season.


4 - BMS (6-2) vs. Labette-Altamont County (3-5) - BMS leads the series 2-0
* Bishop Miege is now putting their foot on the gas pedal and ready for a post-season run. Should this play out to the previous meeting in 2018, the Stags will take on the, the winner will meet the 5 Bonner Springs Braves or 12 Eudora Cardinals in a week-10 match up. In 2018, the Grizzlies and Coach Sean Price lost 76 to 8.

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