Tuesday, October 15, 2019

SFL & EKL Week-7


OEH @ PIT @ PIT - PIT leads the series 1-0
* For the second time around, the Purple Dragons will take on the Hawks. However, this season will be on the road at Pittsburg. Already with some help from fellow Johnson County Blue Valley North in week-3, the Mustangs defeated the Purple Dragons. Last week they were shutout 31-0 to the Mill Valley Jaguars.

While the Hawks lost a close game in 2018, the Sunflower League and EKL both fell victim on the scoreboard against a great 8-2 Dragons team led by long time Head Coach Tom Nickelson currently sitting at 4-2. Fortunately for both the Mustangs and Hawks, they will not meet again as the Dragons will be in the 4A-East bracket.

SMW @ SMN @ SMN - SMW leads the series 33-22
* Can the Vikings come away with a win? It can be done. Can the Indians do the same thing? Of course. The young Indians have a chance to continue to win under Zach Rampy and force their hand to gain a higher seed come week #9. For the young Indians, this has not been an easy season and will look to score some points and come away with a big win. For the Vikings, this will not be an easy game as well, as they too are looking to solidify a better seeding as the regular season winds down.

OSF @ OWO - OSF leads the series 1-0
* With the Owls on a late hot streak winning their last three games, the Falcons will have their work cut out for them. Now that season two is under way, the Owls are starting to build their identity and find their niche as a Varsity program. For the Falcons, this will not be an easy game, and should not be taken lightly due to the final couple weeks. Although sitting at 2-4, bringing their experience will be a factor, but the Owls will do what they can to come away with a victory.

SME @ LFS - LFS leads the series 9-6
* Entering the 2019 season, change taking place with the Firebirds. First year Head Coach Kevin Stewart will see the Lancers again from the opposite sidelines and no longer from BV North. The Firebirds will continue to strike their dominance over the Lancers as they have in recent seasons. For geographical purposes after week-8, there is always a possible chance of meeting in the post-season. The Firebirds could come away with a big win as the Lancers have struggled to get going in the right direction. For SM East to come away with a win, a lot will have to work in their favor in a very tough environment at Free State.

LAW @ ONE @ ODAC - ONE leads the series 22-13
* Of perhaps one of the biggest league match ups in the season, the mighty Eagles of Olathe North will take on the Rampy Chesty Lions entering the contest at 6-0, coming off a 1-8 season in 2018. Both programs have great running games, and this could possibly be a very high scoring contest, or quite the opposite a very low one. Last week Arland Bruce IV worked his magic against the SM East defense as part of an offense scoring 77 overall points.

ONW @ SMS @ SMS - ONW leads the series 8-2
* In a rare series that the Ravens own outright, it will take everything they have to come out strong against a very talented Raiders Football team. Although the Raiders are 2-4, do not be deceived by the talent that is on the field. Both offensively and defensively the Ravens will have to play strong from the start. Can the Raiders reverse this fortune of play? Quite possibly. If so, should the Raiders come away with a rare win against the Ravens, this will help in their seeding for the 6A-East bracket.

SMW @ GET @ GET - GET leads the series 2-0
* For only the third time ever, the Trailblazers and Vikings will meet. This again will not be easy as the Vikings have struggled for the last couple years. For Ryan Cornelson, and his Blazers, they will do everything they can to get on the scoreboard quick and take care of business. As for the Vikings, the Blazers offense is fast and talented, and will have to be minimized. It will not be easy, but the Vikings have certainly improved from their 17 and 18 seasons.

MVJ @ BVT - BVT leads the series 3-1
* While only four games in to their brief history, the Jaguars have struggled against the Tigers. With two very good coaching staffs on the sidelines coaching against each other, there will be a lot to look forward to from the start. The Tigers have been strong after a rare quick exit in 2018, while the Jaguars are picking up steam after a 1-3 start. The last two seasons have seen the Jaguars go 1-1 against the Tigers and will look again to steal a big road win in a great Football environment at Blue Valley.

BNW @ BVN - BNW leads the series 15-11
* Husky win? Too early or too late? The opportunity is there for the Huskies to make a big statement and a possible second win late in the season. With time winding down, the chance to take on a struggling Mustangs team and the loss of Graham Mertz to graduation, this could be a statement game, and a movement game in the 6A-East standings. While this will not be easy, the Mustangs, have dominated the Huskies winning five straight since 2015. The 2014 Huskies were the last team to defeat the Mustangs in regular season play.

BSW @ BVW - BVW leads the series 6-3
* This season is the 10th year of the SW T-Wolves Football program, and already making their mark, are hoping to find a way to upset the West Jaguars. At one time, both found themselves as the new kids to the block on the #229 Football scene. Coach Josh Korkenmeier's Jaguars have found themselves in a position that they have not been in many recent years. The T-Wolves, themselves, will have to play a strong game for this very talented Jaguars offense.

TUR @ LAN - LAN leads the series 9-6
* Since the start of the 2000 season, these two have met 15 times. For the last couple years the Golden Bears have struggled, but have worked their butts off in a tough 5A East. Last week with the closing of their final home game at a field they played on for 84 seasons, a road game to the new Lansing Football field will not be easy. Can the Golden Bears get the win? Of course they can, but it will take a lot of discipline and tough defense to steal a road win. The last two meetings against Olathe West have not made it easy, but with Julien Parks leading the way, the Golden Bears have a strong history and start ahead of them.

BSB @ LVP - BSB leads the series 1-0
* In only their second series game, the Bobcats and Rod Stallbaumer, will look to begin a streak of winning over their neighbor to the north of the Pioneers. With the experience and strength of the Bobcats offense, the Pioneers will have a lot on their plates defensively to step up big.

STA @ BMS - STA leads the series 17-16
* Catholic Showdown Week. The Stags and Saints will meet at Dixon Doll Stadium once again, only this time, the Saints leading the series by one game. These two Football programs have had great games since the series began in the Fall of 1989. To date, Jon Holmes' tenure against the Saints is 6-2, while Randy Dreiling is 1-4 in five meetings vs. Holmes' Stags since the 2014 season, and first in Kansas City after leaving Hutchinson after 17 seasons.

SJA @ KMC - KMC leads the series 1-0
* Crusading in to 2019. While the Thunder did fall to KMC in 2018, this is a great time to get a non-conference win under their belt before week-9 comes rather quickly as the season winds down. For the Thunder, their 3-3 record is far improved, and with KMC struggling to 1-5, this non-conference match up before seeding takes place will be a huge improvement in these last couple weeks of regular season play.

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