Tuesday, October 1, 2019

SFL & EKL Week-5

10/4 - 5

LFS @ Smith-Cotton @ SSC - Smith-Cotton leads the series 1-0
* The Firebirds and Smith-Cotton will meet for the second time. While this will likely be the final time both will meet, Smith-Cotton could make a series of this and win at home, while the Firebirds continue to learn under Kevin Stewart. Last year, the Tigers finished 5-6 and fell to Timberland, MO in the second round of the MSHSAA playoffs.

SMW @ OWO - OWO leads the series 1-0
* With one legacy written, and a new legacy in its Varsity infancy, the Vikings will look to gain a win against the young Owls. In 2018, the Owls came out on top against the experienced Vikings, but that could change as the heart of the schedule takes place. This is a game where the Vikings can come away with a win, and continue to build on their strengths and shed the losses from their record.

SMN @ OEH - OEH leads the series 15-6
* Playing tough. The Indians and Hawks have been showing a lot of adversity in play the last few seasons. Tonight will again show that with two outstanding coaching groups of Rampy vs. Owen will battle for a quality move out of a middle of the pack to the top-8 seeding. For the Indians to top the Hawks, ball possession, and game discipline will be a key factor in coming away with a win on the road in Olathe. For most of the last 30 years, it has been nearly impossible for the SMSD to come in to Olathe and steal a road win. Can it be done tonight?!

OSF @ ONE @ ODAC - ONE leads the series 27-5
* Numero Uno. Of all Sunflower League rivalries, the Eagles, and Falcons of the #233 are one of the best Kansas City has to offer locally. Locally this series dates all the way back to 1981 when the Falcons began their program. Formerly of the Olathe Eagles, Bud Wheeler opened the school, allowing long-time assistant coach Gene Weir to take over at "North" and the rest is history.

While both schools have a fantastic Football history, the Eagles have ruled the roost having won 27 games in that time. Did you know, in 2017, the two failed to play on the schedule after 38 straight school years of play. For those curious, the Falcons wins against the Eagles came in: 1981-1988-1989-1999-2005-2006 and 2011. The Eagles will look to find a way in to the 6A East finals, while the Falcons will be looking for upsets each week of the season. Playing a great schedule, the Falcons can again return to find a good spot in the top-8 of the east side of the brackets. The Eagles too, will look for that series of play to return to the 6A Final as they did in 2010.

SME @ SMS @ SMS - SMS leads the series 30-20-1
* For the SMSD #512, this is one of the best rivalries in all Fall, Winter, and Spring sports. Dating back to 1966, the Raiders have owned and have continually taken the Lancers down on the gridiron. Since the 2000 era of Football, not only has that changed, but with an immense turn of the corner, the Lancers Football program has turned the corner having lost seven straight since 2010. For the Raiders, their last win came in 2009 against Chip Sherman in his first season with the Lancers. Did you know that this will be game #51 all-time.

LAW @ SNW @ SMN - LAW leads the series 22-15
* In a great battle of Football lore, the Chesty Lions will take on a rebounding Cougars Football team. While the Chesty Lions had a down season after Coaching turnover of Dirk Wedd to Steve Rampy, look for the Lions to make some payback of a great schedule, and come out with a strong showing against the upstart Cougars. For Bo Black's boys he will want to see consistent play on both sides of the ball showing improvement and defending the line of scrimmage.

ONW @ GET @ GET - GET leads the series 4-0
* A tough go at it. The Raven's will be subjected to a big road game in Gardner-Edgerton. For Coach Hafner, and his offense, it will be a time to come out quickly and get on the scoreboard against a very talented Cornelson defense. The Trailblazers ranked as one of the best defensively all of the 2018 season and will continue to pursue that goal throughout. For the Ravens, an upset would big in the standings, with a lot of great talent of the Trailblazers to defend and keep off the scoreboard.

BNW @ BVT - BVT leads the series 14-13
* No easy task. The last win the Huskies took away from the Tigers came during the week-5 2013 season. Since that time, the Huskies have lost five straight and have fallen in the standings once playing the Tigers. This game can give the Tigers an opportunity to bring the series to 500 after playing in 28 total games since 1994. With both teams down in 2018, this is a great chance for both to improve in the east brackets and strengthen their hold on a good seed in week-9.

MVJ @ BVN - BVN leads the series 2-1
* Success. While only one can come away with the win, the success of this series will be fun to see for seasons to come. With both making major trips to the State Finals and with State Titles in their possession, a win for the Jaguars (not BVW) can prove a powerful move as the decade closes out. Both teams can put points on the board without any problem, while one will have to come away with some much needed stops to gain momentum heading in to week-6.

BSW @ SJA - BSW leads the series 3-2 (1-2 in EKL)
* Curious? With the acclimation and much deserved addition to the EKL, the Thunder will be looking to tie the series with the T-Wolves. This fourth game of the series could go either way as the T-Wolves won out 31 to 19 in 2018. For the Thunder, this will be their fourth season in the EKL, and coming off the 2-8 season of last year, a win against the T-Wolves will be a goal from the start.

BVW @ STA - STA leads the series 17-4
* Getting the W. For a while the Jaguars have been a down program, and have been on the rebound under Josh Korkenmeier. This Jaguars corps is looking to end a five game losing streak dating back to the week-2 2013 season. At 10-1 since 2008, the Saints have dominated the series with dominant play on offense and defense to stop the Jaguars. Can the Jaguars come away with a win? It will not be easy on the road, as the Saints have consistently played well at home this decade.

LVP @ LAN - LAN leads the series 3-2
* City Slickers. Yes it is. In no uncertain terms, the Pioneers, and Lions have become a rivalry within Leavenworth county that should have always existed. Despite having never faced each other from 1980 to 2013 (33 school years.) This game of Football minds will pit Sean Sachen against second year Coach in Dylan Brown who took the Lions to a 5-4 season in his first season, and rode a four game winning streak before bowing out in week-9 to the SJ Thunder in 2018.

BMS @ ROC - ROC leads the series 21-6-1
* In quite the display of Football prowess, the Stags and Hawklets provided a spark of fire in game interest, similar to that of playing the SM East Lancers in the two prior seasons. This time around look for Jon Holmes' Stags to return to Dasta Stadium for the first time since the Fall of 1984. Look for the Hawkets and Tony Severino to get on the scoreboard on the first possession of the game, this will have all of Kansas City in for a great night of Football. With "Game of the Week" expectations, it should live up to the hype without any problem! Go Stags!

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