Thursday, October 10, 2019

Are you ready for 2020 & 2021 Post-season play?

Released by the @KSHSAA on 10-9-19, the post-season brackets for week-9 to 13 were posted.

Below will be the locally listed SFL/EKL schools and a touch more that will be seeing post-season foes for the next two Varsity Football seasons. For now, it is all a TBD as to how it will play out, and once the schedules are released by all local schools what can, could, or will happen once week-8 is complete.

One distinct, advantage of having SFL (3) High Schools in the west, is having a Johnson County (Gardner-Edgerton) a great addition to make some noise against the fellow west foes.

This brings up a question many may have about the Sunflower (EKL) leagues etc come post-season. Has one league ever faced itself in a State Final? At times it has happened in other team Kansas sports. This has happened multiple times in Men's and Woman's Basketball, and Woman's Soccer a handful of times since the mid to late 90s to modern day KSHSAA 2010 to 2019.

Unlike the AVCTL, to date, the Sunflower League is the only league to have faced each other in the early State Final games in Football post-season history. The SMSD #512 schools faced off against Wichita-East, and Southeast while the Topeka public schools did not see post-season play based on their records.

1971 - SM North 9 vs. SM West 6 - Week-11
1973 - SM South 28 vs. SM West 0  - Week-11

Gardner-Edgerton (3-3 in 2016 to 2018 in 6A east bracket) will join Lawrence (0-1), and Free State (7-3, three years in 6A-West).

6A - West

GET - Gardner-Edgerton - SFL
LAW - Lawrence Chesty - SFL
LFS - Free State - SFL

6A - East

JCH - JC Harmon - KCA
WYN - Wyandotte - KCA
OEH - Olathe East - SFL
ONE - Olathe North - SFL
ONW - Olathe Northwest - SFL
OSF - Olathe South - SFL
OWO - Olathe West - SFL
BVT - Blue Valley - EKL
BVN - BV North - EKL
BNW - BV Northwest - EKL
BVW - BV West - EKL
SME - SM East - SFL
SMN - SM North - SFL
SNW - SM Northwest - SFL
SMS - SM South - SFL
SMW - SM West - SFL

5A - East

BSW - BV Southwest - EKL
LVP - Leavenworth - UKC
STA - ST Aquinas - EKL

4A - East

BMS - Bishop Miege - EKL
LAN - Lansing - UKC
SJA - SJ Academy - EKL

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