Tuesday, September 24, 2019

SFL & EKL Week-4

9/27 - 4

Columbine CO @ ONE @ ODAC - Columbine leads the series 1-0
* The Columbine Rebels and Eagles will meet again on the gridiron of ODAC.
This time around, the Eagles will have a chance to redeem themselves at a home they have been very successful in, and an opponents worst fear. For their second meeting, it will be hard to even the series as the Rebels wiped the Eagles off the scoreboard 48-12.

LFS @ SMW @ SMS - Series tied 12-12
* One of the best Sunflower rivalries in the league, goes to the Firebirds and Vikings. SM West is 5-4 since the beginning of this decade, and 4-0 all-time in playoff meetings. As a new page has turned on the Firebirds gridiron, the Vikings have a chance to end their current two game losing streak. Prior to this 2019 season, former Firebird: Bob Lisher was accounted for the first 24 games played. Tim Callaghan is 10-8 all-time.

OWO @ SMN @ SMN - OWO leads the series 1-0
* In only their second meeting, the Owls, and Indians will be in for a great second chapter. In the first chapter, on the road, the Rampy Indians won in a crazy fashion defeating the Owls 35-34. This win for the Indians spurned a 4-1 record to finish out their first year under Zach Rampy. This second game can turn out to be a great series as this decade closes and new one begins next Fall.

GET @ OEH - Series tied 1-1
* Since 2010, you would tend to think that the Trailblazers, and Hawks met during the old District-playoff format. This series can only grow, as the two last met in week-10 of 2013 five years ago. This will be tough to gauge as the Trailblazers will look to continue from their 2018 run. It will be up to the Hawks to take care of business early, and taking care of the ball and keeping it away from the Trailblazers defense.

SMS @ OSF - OSF leads the series 10-8
* Dominant. The Falcons alone have won eight straight dating back to 2003. The last Raiders win was during the 2002 season in which both schools have had multiple turnover in Football leadership. Can 2019 be a changing of the guard? The Raiders will be looking to continue to improve from their 2018 season.

SNW @ SME @ SMS - SNW leads the series 25-23
* No easy task. The Football Lancers have won twelve straight games since the 2009 season. For the Cougars, Aaron Barnett (1-5), Linn Hibbs (0-3), and Bo Black (0-5) have struggled since the Lancers change of fortune both in talent of the student-athletes and three home-run coaching hires themselves. As the Cougars rebounded for a strong season in 2018, the opportunity is now to end this current losing streak. This time the Cougars will be entering a rare first meeting with the Lancers where they are 3-0 entering the game. The last time the Cougars started 3-0 in addition to the 2018 season was the 2007 Cougars led by Aaron Barnett which team finished 9-2, and ended the regular season 8-1.

ONW @ LAW @ LAW - LAW leads the series 6-3
* As the 2019 season progresses, the Ravens will continue to improve under the watchful Aaron Hafner. For the experienced Chesty Lions led by Steve Rampy, the programs are both looking for a reversal of fortunes as bottom-feeder 1-8 records made for a rough year. The Chesty Lions will be looking to go 4-0, and while the Ravens will need to play some strong defense from the start to come away with a steal of a win on the road.

ROC @ BVT - ROC leads the series 1-0
* The Hawklets will find themselves on the road against the Allen Terrill Tigers for 2019. While the Tigers struggled last Fall, holding serve and having ball possession will be a key to keep the Hawklets from stealing a win on the road.

BVW @ BVN - BVN leads the series 10-8
* In perhaps one of the best series within the #229, the Jaguars, and Mustangs will look to once again spark a big game. During their week-4 game in 2018, the two combined for a total of 94 points with a 52-42 win for the Mustangs, and fifth overall against the Jaguars. For BV West, their last with against North came during the 2013 season in week-3 and a 42-13 win a few years back. Without any doubt the Andy Sims era has proved to be great addition to the Mustangs, and reversing a five game losing streak dating back to his first season in 2014.

BSW @ BNW - BNW leads the series 5-4
* Nine times. Nine times these two have met, and meeting ten, can determine if the T-Wolves get back to 500 against the struggling Huskies. Although both programs were down in 2018, there is no reason these two can't fight to return to the middle of the pack and make some noise in the standings. Look for SW to come out strong and against a struggling Huskies defense. All in good time, look for the Huskies to turn around, and find a winning streak against perhaps the toughest schedule in the county.

LAN @ De Soto - Series tied 2-2
* The De Soto Wildcats will hosts a big week-4 game agains the Lansing Lions. De Soto has had quite a bit of success this decade under Brian King, and will continue to prove their dominance well after week-8 regular season games. For the Lions, going in to De Soto would be a big upset and to knock off  a very hard home field to win on.

TUR @ LVP - LVP leads the series 1-0
* In what will be only their second meeting since the 1981 season the Golden Bears will take on a new look Pioneers. While the Golden Bears will look to come out swinging, the Pioneers are wanting to prove that their 2018, 1-8 record was a fluke. Can the Bears come away with a win in year two of a new league? Either way, week-4 games can help you move up or down in to the top or bottom eight of the standings as the season progresses.

STA @ MVJ - STA leads the series 11-2
* Game on? Yes. While both programs under two very successful Head Coaches, the Saints and Jaguars have had their fair share of go-around's on the gridiron. Come Friday night, look for both student-bodies to be out in full force supporting both. While the series seems to be of a great imbalance, the Jaguars will not be short of talent in a big game like this during the heart of the schedule.

SJA @ BMS - BMS leads the series 1-0
* Game two of a new Catholic series, which has yet to have a name or even a rivalry will bring the Thunder to Dixon Doll Stadium. With momentum carrying the Stags, it will be a Thunder defense that will need to keep the Stags offense in check. Can the Thunder do the impossible and defeat the Stags? It will take a maricle on the road.

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