Thursday, September 12, 2019

SFL & EKL Week-2

9/13 - 2

LVP @ SNW @ SMS - SNW leads the series 27-6
* For the second time since 2018, the Pioneers and Cougars will meet in a non-conference set-up for an early week-2 match up. It will be unknown early on how the Pioneers will play under new leadership, but the Cougars will look to come out fast, and get on the scoreboard early. The Cougars will look to again maintain a fast start as they struggled down the stretch in 2018 finishing 1-4.

SMS @ SMW @ SMS - SMW leads the series 36-22-1
* For the 60th time, the Vikings and Raiders will meet on the gridiron. While the Vikings lead the series outright, this is a great intra-district match up. The 2017 Raiders ended an 18 game winning streak against the Vikings that had seen pure dominance led by the "W" on the historic yellow helmet. In 2018, the Raiders again came out strong, and in turn, have continued the Vikings 19 game losing streak prior to the 19 season. This is one game that the Vikings came come out quickly, should the Raiders struggle, this could be a big advantage for the Tim Callaghan Vikings.

ONE @ SMN @ SMN - ONE leads the series 22-2
* Did you know that the Indians recently defeated the Eagles? Well, it happened and happened recently. The 2016 Eagles lost in a stunning week-9 defeat to the Indians in the modern day playoff format. Prior to that game, the Eagles have won seven straight games since the 2006 seasons. It is no secret, the Eagles talent will be a tough stop for the Indians early on, but Zach Rampy will look to see his Indians succeed against the Olathe power.

While the match-up seems like an easy game, there is a lot of history between these two foes. This year, the Eagles are playing in their 100th season, while the Indians are in their 98th season of play. In earlier era's of play, the Olathe Eagles played the Shawnee-Mission Indians.

LFS @ OEH - OEH leads the series 11-10
* Rivalry? You can call it one, even if it is not an internal district game. While the first 21 meetings of the match were coached by Free State's Bob Lisher, the new man at the helm Kevin Stewart will now take charge of the Firebirds program. For the Hawks, it will be interesting to see what the Hawks offense can do with the Firebirds change in direction. Coach Jesse Owen will have some talented kids at his disposal, but will have to play strong from the start to stop a powerful Firebirds offense.

GET @ OWO - GET leads the series 1-0
* Upstart? Yes. Fast and furious? Yes. There is no secret that the Trailblazers and Owls both found a lot of success in 2018. The next question is, can the success carry in to 2019? This could be a very good game as the Owls will be looking to start a new QB and the Trailblazers will continue to be a well oiled machine of dominance coming off of a strong 2018 season. There will be future meetings to be played in addition to this one so it will be tough to see which program can pull away in the series.

ONW @ OSF - OSF leads the series 13-1
* Ravens or Falcons? Since the Raven's began Varsity play in 2004 the Falcons have been a dominant force in the series from the start. For ONW to have a success, it will require finding a way to succeed a new look from Andrew Hafner as he enters his second season. The 2015 Ravens are the only team to have knocked off the Falcons led previously by retired Chip Sherman. With one week of games under the Falcons belt, it will be great to see what Craig Lewis' offense will bring to the gridiron. In his two games against the Ravens since taking over in 2016, the Falcons have only given up two touchdowns.

LAW @ SME - LAW leads the series 42-15
* In what has been a great decade of Football by the Football Lancers, the series has taken a small turn the Lancers way since 2010. However, this 2019 season led by Steve Rampy in his second season, will look to turn around a 1-8 season and move back to the middle of the Sunflower pack. While it will not be easy, the Chesty Lions will have to continue to contend with a talented Lancers offense led by Justin Hoover, also in his second season with the Lancers.

BVT @ BVN - BVT leads the series 27-7
* For most of the last few years, the Tigers have been quite dominate against the Mustangs despite the Mustangs great success' over the last few years. Coming off a tough game against the Saints, continuing a current five game winning streak could be a struggle for the Tigers.

If you are wondering how or when those seven Mustang wins took place, here are the seasons: 1993-1996-1998-1999-2000-2001-2002 and 2015. Did you know that from 2003 to 2014 the Tigers won fifteen straight games combined within the Rampy and Driskell era's.

BNW @ Harrisonville - Harrisonville leads the series 1-0
* While this could be the second and final meeting of the Huskies and Wildcats, playing on the road will be tough for the Huskies that can lead to a win. This will not be an easy game, as the Wildcats have always been known to be a great home team.

STA @ BSW - STA leads the series 5-2
* The Saints and T-Wolves will be meeting for the eighth time. Although the T-Wolves have won two games against the Saints, the T-Wolves will have their work cut out for them. In the previous two games, the T-Wolves have given up 110 points which has been very taxing on the defense.

BMS @ BVW - BMS leads the series 12-9
* Since Jon Holmes took over the Stags in 2012, the Jaguars have struggled to a 2-7 record against the Stags. With both teams, who have had good summer play take place, a win for the Jaguars, although hard to get, could be a huge boost for the programs history.

LAN @ BLB - BLB leads the series 11-8
* Since the 2000 season, there has not been a better local rivalry with Leavenworth County. The Bobcats, led by Rod Stallbaumer who are most always off the radar, can come out swinging early. With a successful run in the last few years, the Lions will not have an easy game on the Basehor-Linwood field. This will take some work to steal a road win and have solid footing early on, and in the 5A east.

MVJ @ SJA - MVJ leades the series 7-1
* The Jaguars and Thunder will be meeting for the eighth time. The struggles of late, have led the Thunder trying to find a way to stop a very fast Jaguars offense. This will not be easy, as the Thunder are looking to start off on a good note early on.

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