Friday, September 6, 2019

SFL & EKL Week-1


Manhattan @ ONW @ CBAC - Manhattan leads the series 1-0
* Aaron Hafner's first season as a Raven finished at 1-8, while the Manhattan Indians breezed through the Centennial League and had a successful playoff run going 10-2. This will not be easy for the Ravens who have struggled on defense for much of the last few seasons. With a single loss to trip them up to Junction City, the Indians mission is clear from the start.

This Raven's off-season will be a turning point to see if they can turn that 1-8 record in to a successful season. Stability on offense, and defense will be addressed early on in practice, and day to day improvement. There is no better test than a tough non-conference game to start out, but to come with a lot of motivation, and a chance to play strong from the start.

SMW @ SNW @ SMN - SMW leads the series 34-19
* While the Viking's own the series outright against the Cougars, this, as in every game for the Vikings could be a "must win." For the Vikings, ending a 19 game losing streak is the first task at hand for a proud historical program in the Sunflower League. Tim Callaghan's Vikings will not give in and hope to get on the scoreboard quickly, and regain a strong position within the SFL.

Bo Black's Cougars are looking to build on a small two-game winning streak and part of the Vikings current losing streak. The Cougars will look to be only the second team to have a streak of win's outside of Olathe North against the Vikings during this stretch of games.

SMN @ SMS @ SMS - SMS leads the series 26-25-1
* In a true "intra-district" rivalry, both the Indians, and Raiders will hope to get off on a fast start, and come away with a win. While a fast start could be great for both, this will be a marathon in the long run, as Zach Rampy will look to see his Indians move deeper in to the post-season.

On the other sideline, GKCFCA Award winner Brett Oberzan will look to carry his 7-3 Raiders to bigger and better accomplishments with the hopes of gaining a top #8 seed as the regular season progresses.

OEH @ ONE @ ODAC - ONE leads the series 18-9
* The Eagles under Chris McCartney are thriving after a strong 9-3 season, while the Hawks managed a 4-6 season and found themselves in week-10 of the state playoffs. Under the Hawks leadership of Jesse Owen, a huge playoff win against the perennial Blue Valley Tigers was a huge win in team history.

While the Eagles are the favorite, an upset at ODAC is rare, and always possible to happen. The Hawks have won in ODAC before and will again for many years to come.

OSF @ LAW @ LAW - OSF leads the series 17-16
* Since the beginning of the decade the Falcons and Chesty Lions have been going at it in heated battles including a playoff win back in 2011. With the Chesty Lions now in the crosshairs of a new season. Craig Lewis' Falcons and Steve Rampy's Lions will look to have a great game early on.

Last years 28-10 win showed significant improvement of Olathe South as they started 3-1 in their first four games. During the 2017 season, that was 1-3. Playing consistent and smart Football from the start is key for both programs.

SME @ GET @ GET - SME leads the series 4-1
* Justin Hoover's Lancers will meet in round two against Ryan Cornelson's new look Trailblazers under his leadership. Both finished with winning records in 2018 only to bow out before the State SemiFinals.

With both Coaches taking over programs last year, there is no shortage of experience by student-athletes on both sidelines, this can be a great game for both teams. While the season is young, look for this to be a very competitive from snap to snap. Both schools will maintain possession of the ball, and look for the score to possibly look similar to last years 28-23 Trailblazer win.

STA @ BVT - BVT leads the series 21-14
* Since the beginning of the decade, the Tigers have led the Saints with a 6-4 record in 10 games. In a result of the last four games, the Saints, led by Randy Dreiling, will bring his 5A Champions against a Tigers team that struggled throughout most of the 2018 season. The Tigers were a week-9 casualty against the Olathe East Hawks ending with 4-5 overall.

BVN @ BMS - BMS leads the series 15-13
* With a remarkable series so close as it looks, the Stags have won the last six games. which prior to 2009, the Mustangs led the series 13-9 during the Grunhard era. There is no doubt that this game will be a catalyst to the Saints and Blue Valley Tigers, who are looking to find their way to the top of the EKL standings. Jon Holmes, and Andy Sims are both master's at game-planning for a very close game. Matching up, this will come down to a final play to be made on a defensive stop, or perhaps a big turnover for the clock to run out.

SJA @ BNW - SJA leads the series 3-0
* Off and under the radar: the Thunder, and Huskies will look to rebound from losing 2018 seasons. The Thunder got off to a slow start, and with a seven game losing streak in hand, the Thunder were doomed with injuries, and struggles on the field to play catch up with the rest of the league. For the Huskies, having perhaps the roughest schedule in the EKL. It will not be easy for the Huskies to get a win, but game one can be a game changer for both programs.

BSW @ LAN - SWT leads the series 1-0
* With only one game played, the T-Wolves, and Lions will look to continue to build as they meet for the second time. Lansing has had a very successful decade of Football, and will be looking to continue to fair well in their stadium.

BVW @ MVJ - BV West leads the series 3-1
* Jags vs. Jags: Take your pick! With a series new to the EKL, the Jaguars of Mill Valley are providing quite a spark to the league. With two trips to the State Finals under their belt, there is a chance that Mill Valley could bring the series closer to 500. While the West Jaguars maintain the series lead, a struggling West Jaguars are looking to bounce out of the 3-6 mold and build a strong resume for future West Jaguars to succeed.

LV @ De Soto - De Soto leads the series 1-0
* In what can become a great series as this decade closes, the Pioneers under new leader Sean Sachen, and a very talented Wildcats Football team led by Brian King. Although these two schools are relatively close in geography, the two schools have not faced each other prior to 1980.

Best of luck to all Football teams starting their season!

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