Thursday, September 19, 2019

SFL & EKL Week-3

9/20 - 3

SMS @ LAN @ LAN - SMS leads the series 1-0
* Second time is a charm? Once again, the Lansing Lions will have their second of three straight meetings with new teams yet to be seen on prior schedules. This time around, the Lions will have a home field advantage and not be on the Raiders Football field. Time will tell if the young Lions 4-5, can come away with a big home win against an upstart 7-3 2018 Raiders. This can be a great game from the start from both teams as they meet in this young series. The Raiders, coming off a tough loss to the Vikings will be looking to rebound quickly.

SMW @ ONE @ ODAC - ONE leads the series 16-3
* 2019 will not be an easy task for the Vikings. Entering week three, succeeding on the field and breaking out in the win column is the goal. For the Eagles, there is nothing but a goal to continue to take the next step forward in the season. With dominant play in recent years, the Eagles will hope to return to a State Final which they have not accomplished since the 2009 season. A drought the Eagles have not seen since the mid-1990s. If you are wondering about those three wins, the 2005-2006 and 2012 seasons. Can the Vikings steal a win on the road at ODAC? With a win under their belts, the Vikings will be eager to pull off a big upset.

SMN @ LFS @ LFS - LFS leads the series 8-1
* Dominance. Once again, the Firebirds will look to continue that, while the Rampy Indians, are looking to knock off the Firebirds out to pasture. Zach Rampy's experience and the Indians will look to take advantage of the Dineen-less Firebirds. Time will tell after the whistle starts kickoff. There is a chance that a handful of plays could possibly make a big dent in the standings early on.

OEH @ OWO - OEH leads the series 1-0
* For the second time, the Hawks, and Owls will have the opportunity to meet. Time will only tell prior to the 2020 season and beyond how many years they will get to meet down the road. Experience will be a key for this intra-district matchup as the Hawks will look to maintain possession of the game ball throughout the game. For the Owls, it will take a young quarterback to lead the second year Owls in to the future. This will be a very good game for both teams.

OSF @ SNW @ SMN - OSF leads the series 13-10
* Close? Yes. Great series? Absolutely. As the Sunflower League has maxed out with 12 schools/teams, the two have only met five random times since 2010. The Falcons have dominated in those five games having finished 4-1 with a loss in overtime in 2018. Will the two meet again for 20 and 21? Who will know, but look for the Cougars to make some noise and turn some heads.

SME @ ONW - SME leads the series 8-2
* Ties that bind. Did you know that the Raven's footprints all belonged within the halls of SME before the hiring of Aaron Hafner? Both Dr. Todd Dain (Principal at SM South) and retired Chip Sherman have given the Raven's some solid ground but a lot to improve on each year. Coach Aaron Hafner, and his Raven's will have a tough job to get the inexperienced Varsity success against the Lancers. Those two Lancer win's belong to Todd Dain in 2007 and 2009. Can the Ravens come away with the win? or will SM East come out firing after a slow start?

LAW @ GET @ GET - GET leads the series 1-0
* Big. Bigger. Biggest. At one time the Trailblazers closed out the previous decade on the rise. With a powerful exit and increase in growth exiting the Frontier League, and joining the EKL, in turn accepting an invite to join the Sunflower League later in the decade the Trailblazers are no longer a team off the radar. Since 2010, they have remained on the radar, and powerful ever since. Despite a few down seasons, the Trailblazers will be meeting a young, and growing Chesty Lions team led by veteran Steve Rampy. This could be a great game, as the two schools who have been around for a very long time will meet for only the second time. Can the Chesty Lions tie the series? Their success can continue as the heart of the schedule begins to appear.

BVT @ BSW - BVT leads the series 9-0
* From the start, the Tigers and T-Wolves have been fortunate to grind out on the gridiron since 2010. As the decade closes out, the T-Wolves could possibly find kinks in the Tigers armor and steal a defeat which will bring great confidence to a good program. Alan Terrill's Tigers, will continue to improve from week to week as this could be a change of the guard in the middle section of the schedule begins to take shape.

PIT @ BVN - PIT leads the series 1-0
* For the second time ever, the Purple Dragons will meet the Mustangs on the road in Johnson County. Unfortunately for the Mustangs, who brought home a second place finish against the mighty Derby Panthers. Add those Purple Dragons to one of the three that the Mustangs had a rare and unusual 0-3 start in 2018. Andy Sims and his Mustangs have a great home field in which to take advantage of a talented Pittsburg program.

BNW @ STA - BNW leads the series 12-11
* Since 2010, the Saints are 5-2 vs. the Huskies. While the top number seems misleading, the Huskies have struggled to gain momentum against powers such as the Saints. Northwest will have to come out strong and disciplined under Clint Rider, entering his third year. One thing pushing the Saints, is a continued motivation for wanting perfection each week. It can be done with a close series like this in which the Saints are in the drivers seat.

BVW @ SJA - SJA leads the series 2-1
* The Thunder are no longer new to the EKL and have had success across the Fall, Winter, and Spring sports. Come Fall Football, the Thunder will want to continue to rebound from their 2-8 season of the year before. For the Jaguars, stealing a road win can be done, and add to the success of a young group of Jaguars fighting their way up the league standings.

BLB @ LVP - BLB leads the series 1-0
* So close, yet so far away: the Bobcats, and Pioneers, are meeting for the second time. This game will not be easy for the Sachen's Pioneers as they will go up against a strong Rod Stallbaumer Bobcats team. The Bobcats, similar to De Soto are not afraid to play against their fellow 4-5 or even 6A opponents who appear on their post-season schedule.

BMS @ MVJ - BMS leads the series 7-1
* Top Dogs: The Stags led by Jon Holmes have had no trouble defeating Mill Valley since their first meeting since they first met in 2006. Since the beginning of the decade, the Stags have held the top spot winning their last six over the Jaguars. Averaging only 16 points a game in their last three, and only a touchdown in 2018, the Jaguars have struggled against their counterparts on the other side of the sideline. Don't count out the Jaguars as Joel Applebee's team is one of the best prepared programs in Johnson County.

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