Friday, November 2, 2018

Round One Over... Round Two... Start!

With Blue Valley's loss to a feisty Olathe East squad, the Sunflower League managed to send 8 teams to the next round of the playoffs. An All-EKL matchup between Blue Valley North and Wyandotte gave us no chance of returning to the good ol' days of SFL exclusivity in the 6A East bracket but you probably won't see any of the remaining teams complaining.

As for the fans... a week filled with blowouts and only one game that could really even be considered an upset should prove more than worthwhile after seeing the next round's lineup. From potential underdog upsets (GE-SMNW; SME-OE) to rematches of cross-town rivals (ON-OS); every match-up in the East should prove far more exciting than the glorified prep-stage last week. In the words of Bob Lisher, things will be:

This time around, let's go with a quick Top 5 of the match-ups tonight.

1. Free State vs Haysville Campus - oops

2. Olathe North vs Olathe South - It's always fun seeing cross-town rivals play each other. Rivalry rematches in the playoffs with both teams sporting winning records? Even better.

3. SM South vs BV North - Time to see how for real the Raiders (7-2) really are. The Mustangs (6-3) are looking to repeat their wild run from last year and are a big enough threat to any of the remaining teams.

4. Gardner-Edgerton vs SM Northwest - The Cougars (5-4) halted their losing slump just in time to survive against a feisty SM North squad, but this team has already been dominate by the Trailblazers (9-0) once before. Can they pull an upset out of the hat?

5. SM East vs Olathe East - As an Eagle fan, either team here would make for a great matchup next week if all goes well. It would be a stretch to see the Hawks pull an even bigger upset this week against a Top 5 6A team, but crazier things have happened!

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