Friday, November 9, 2018

Quick Hits - Sectional Round Thoughts

Yes, pretty much half of the remaining Sunflower League teams will be staying home next week after after a couple incredibly disappointing losses. As for the survivors and fans of high school football in general, things are still as crazy as ever for the two SFL teams left in the running. Here's a few thoughts on what happened and what is to come!

"Playoff Master" Prediction Statuses:

SME-ON Rematch: Check
SMS "Surprise" Run: Scratch X

Free State Will Stumble: Sad Check - To be honest, I still expected to see the Firebirds move on to the Sub-State/Semi-Finals round before losing to Derby yet again. That was not meant to be after Free State bowed out of the playoffs with a 19-41 loss at home to Manhattan (10-1). With the loss, reports have shown that long-time HC Bob Lisher will be retiring from coaching. Fans will have to wait till next year to see the aftermath of Lisher's incredible coaching career. 
Talk about a Cinderella Story
am I right?! I'm sorry.

Olathe West will win the 5A East: Wow - Just... Wow. What else can I say about this run the Owls have had in the playoffs? This team has managed to not only win their games, but absolutely dominate both KC Schlagle (6-4) and now De Soto (8-3).  Will they keep the momentum going and leave Aquinas winners against both the #1 and #2 seeds in the 5A East? Probablyyyy not. That said, they've already come this far and we've seen last year that a poor regular season doesn't mean as much as it used to once playoff time comes around.

I was originally going to post some thoughts on next week's SFL games but if you know anything about Blue Valley North and St. Thomas Aquinas, you should know why I'd have too much to shove into this article! Stay Tuned!

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