Monday, November 5, 2018

Quick Hits - Regional Round Thoughts

With the Regional Round locked up and the keys thrown away, let's take a look at the survivors this week and my previous predictions.

"Playoff Master" Prediction Statuses:

SME-ON Rematch: BINGO! - Despite a valiant effort by the Olathe East Hawks (4-6) , the Lancers survived Regionals to take on ONHS in another rematch for the Eagles. 

Free State Will Stumble: TBD - The Firebirds took out their second 6A West opponent as expected, but will now play host to Manhattan (9-1) next Friday. Despite a mind-jarring 7-9 loss to Junction City (4-5) in Week 6, the Indians have been just as dominate as its fellow quarter-finalists, even defeating Topeka High (9-1) for that team's only loss. Bottom Line: Any and all warm up games are over and done with. Only true contenders will leave this round alive.

SM South will have a job when it comes to replacing
QB Jack Roberts. Photo Credit Needed
SMS "Surprise" Run: Welp... - 7-3 is still an incredible record and BV North (8-3) is an incredible team to go out against. That said, the Raiders will probably feel the sting of their 56-21 loss to the Mustangs. Silver lining; South can close the season knowing they may be one of the school's best teams in almost 40 years.

Olathe West will win the 5A East: 49-15 - Yes, I made this prediction as a joke with some hope sprinkled in. I had a sneaking suspicion the Owls (4-6) would get Leavenworth fever thanks again to a 6A schedule, but to hang 49 on a decent Schagle (6-4) team? Sheesh. Fun fact, Olathe West has more playoff wins (2) than Olathe Northwest (0). I hope I'm wrong with that one.

Exciting or Disappointing?

Despite games involving teams with 6 or 7 wins on their respective seasons, the Regional Round gave us another batch of teams that just ran away with things at one point or another. Out of the eight games played, only one game was decided by a single digit difference. The average point-differential was a whopping 26.6 points despite only Olathe East entering the week with a losing record. Should this be considered a disappointment or just an appetizer for what's to come?

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