Monday, October 22, 2018

Sunflower Week-9-2018 - "Play In"


1 GET vs 16 BNW (BNW leads the series 5-3)
* Of the eight games played, the Huskies and Trailblazers have held quite the series.

Since joining the EKL, the Trailblazers have been very competitive until their last four seasons before joining the Sunflower. GET has the hand up in this game from the beginning should they have their foot on the gas from kickoff. These Trailblazers were 6W-31L over the previous four years from 2014 to 2017.

The Huskies have an uphill battle from the start of the whistle to to stop defeat the Trailblazers.

8 SNW vs. 9 SMN (SNW leads the series 24-23)
* In a rare post-season "Hula Bowl" match up, the Cougars, and Indians will have to fight hard to earn the fifth win of their season to move on to week-10.

The Indians started the season cold, and have came on hot as of late, winning four of their last five games. On the opposite end, the Cougars with the fast start at 3-0, have gone 1-5 in their last six games. Look for this Hula Bowl to be high scoring for two very offensive minded programs.

4 SMS vs. 13 ONW (ONW leads the series 8-1)
* In a rematch of the 2017 week-9 playoff, the Raiders, and Ravens will once again reunite to work to make it to the week-10 round. In a reversal of fortune, the Raiders have worked extremely hard to make it in to the top four of the bracket and securing a home game. The Ravens, will have their work cut out for them as they hope to knock off a #4 seed after doing so in 2017.

This will not be easy for the Ravens as they will now return to SM South a week after finishing against fellow Olathe foe in the Eagles for week-8. For those recalling the 2017 season, these two met in back-to-back weeks.

5 BVN vs. 12 DOT (BVN leads the series 4-0)
* 13 years ago in 2005, the Mustangs and Bulldogs last met on the gridiron.

It will be safe to say the Bulldogs will have a tough go taking on the Mustangs who have won five straight.

It is reasonable to conclude at the conclusion of this game, the Mustangs and Lancers could possibly reunite for a great week-10 game. This time around, there should be no shortage of excitement as Justin Hoover's Lancers will be up to the challenge to avenge last years loss to the defending 6A State Champions. Those 2017 Lancers lost in week-11 45 to 10.

*** Thursday Kick-off
2 SME vs. 15 JCH @ SMN (SME leads the series 18-3)
* The Lancers will find themselves playing the JC Harmon Hawks as the second of the top four seeds will look to continue on to week-10. For those curious as to the losses SM East suffered to JC Harmon? They are as follows 1986 (2-7), 1991 (0-9), and 1996 (2-7).

If you recall, the last time these two played in 2015, the final score on the road at Art Lawrence Stadium was 69-0. The 2014 Lancers defeated Harmon 83-0 at SM North en route to their 13-0 State Championship season.

7 BVT vs. 10 OEH (Series tied 0-0)
* In a first of its kind, the Tigers, and Hawks will meet for the first time in ever.

While Blue Valley and Olathe School District Football have been notable in most recent years to meet in the old District format of play, these two were never paired together in weeks 7 to 9. Both schools of course have great post-season history to boast while the Hawks are in the mood to quietly end the post-season of the Tigers who are prone to making it deep in to 5 or 6A State playoffs.

3 ONE vs. 14 SMW (ONE leads the series 17-4)
* The last two years have been a struggle for the Vikings, who are trying to stop a winless streak at 18 games.

That will not be an easy task, and even harder to stop while on the road at ODAC. All that said, the Vikings are 4-6 in all games under Tim Callaghan and have been successful against the Eagles. Their last win against Olathe North was in week-6 of the 2016 season.

6 OSF vs 11 BVW (OSF leads the series 3-1) 
* Remember District play?! Yep, that is where you will find the series of the Jaguars and Falcons taking place.

While BV West opened in 2001, their local neighbors, the Falcons are just a few minutes of a drive from one to the other. Eight years in to existence the Jaguars came off an undefeated 13-0 State Championship season and looking to continue that success. However, first year Coach Jeff Gourley and staff had other ideas and defeated BV West in week-7.

During the Falcons State Title year four years later in 2011 the series and district wrapped up and both disappeared from each other's schedule. Jags Coach Josh Korkenmeier has a strong class of students building on a successful year and ready for more each week, while Craig Lewis is looking to get his Falcons back on top after a week-8 loss to the Hawks in a big Olathe district game.

1 DER vs 16 LAW (LAW leads the series 2-1) 
* DYK? The last time these two met was the 1996 6A State Final Championship game in Dick Purdy's sixth season of nine with the Chesty Lions. Well, to be more complete, the third of three straight 6A Finals in which the Chesty Lions and Panthers met.

The Chesty Lions won it all in 1993 going 12-0, and defeating the Panthers 27-23, only to do the same again in 1994 getting shutout by Derby 21-0. The 1995 Title again touted both as the Chesty Lions and Dick Purdy returned the favor 20-0 to finish the season 12-0 and on a 22 game winning streak.

This time around, Brandon Clark and Steve Rampy will face off. While the numbers favor the Panthers, look for the Chesty Lions to play hard. All Rampy teams are known for giving 100% from the whistle to final game buzzer.

2 LFS vs. 15 WNR (LFS leads the series 1-0)  
* In the second match up of Sunflower League schools on the 6A West bracket, the Firebirds will be taking on a very young Redskins Football program led by Scott Mosier in his second season. While the Redskins started hot with two road wins against the South Titans, and Liberal Redskins a cooling off period happened with six straight losses.

While this is a tough task for the young Redskins to take on a Firebirds squad full of post-season experience, look for the Firebirds to get the work done that is needed to accomplish a win. These two will again meet in week-9 as they did in the 2017 season with a 69-6 Firebirds win at home.

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