Monday, September 10, 2018

Sunflower Preview Week-3-2018

SMS vs. LAN @ SMS (Series tied 0-0)
* In a non-conference week-3 game, the Raiders will take on the Lansing Lions for the first time in team history. During the 2016 and 2017 seasons, the SM North Indians completed a 2-0 sweep of the Lions in a home-and-home series.

Taking on the Lions will not be an easy task for the Raiders, as, Lions Head Coach Dylan Brown is no stranger to the Sunflower League. Taking on the Sunflower League is a powerful move forward for the Lions who are wanting to become a force in the 5A east, and will want to play well against fellow Sunflower League programs even if as a non-conference game.

SME vs. ONW @ SMN (SME leads the series 7-2)
* For the third week in a row, one new Head Coach will meet another new Head Coach. This time, with Justin Hoover, and the Ravens Aaron Hafner, a new regime has taken place in both Football programs.

The Lancers have led this series against the Raven's from the beginning in 2004, only to concede two games to the Ravens in 2007 and 2009. In the prior meeting of these two, the Lancers defeated the Ravens in a week-10 playoff game with SME coming away 42-17. This should be a great test for the ONW moving forward and an opportunity to have a great game night.

SMW vs. ONE @ SMS (ONE leads the series 16-4)
* In what could be a great game with talent on both sides of the ball, the Vikings and Eagles will host a great game at SM South. While the Eagles have ODAC, the Vikings have been known to call SM South stadium a place of dominance as their home field as well.

While the Vikings were winless at home for the first time ever in their history in 2017, they hope to change that against the Eagles and Chris McCartney. Arland Bruce III will be a tough stop for the Vikings defense in order to build on this early season of play. It will be up to the Vikings defense to play a great game and work to get the ball from Arland Bruce III who has gone about his business well on the field of play, as it is noticed by many.

SMN vs. LFS @ SMN (LFS leads the series 7-1)
* The Firebirds and Indians will meet for only their ninth time in series history. Nine times! (If you recognize the Ferris Bueller reference!)

Playing on the road for the Firebirds at SM North is one of their best road stadiums to play in. In their last few years, defeating SM East, North, and Northwest has been a relatively easy task to accomplish. Look for the Indians to defend their home turf in what could be a tough match up and changing the course of history against the Firebirds.

Zack Rampy's young Indians have a tough task ahead, but will continue to improved putting up 27 points last week against the ONE defense.

OEH vs. OWO @ CBAC (Series tied 0-0)
* Coach Jesse Owen, and TJ O'Neill will meet for the very first time in what will start a series that will take place for seasons to come. With no game history, there is no better place to start than here in week-3. Best of luck to both the Hawks and Owls!

OSF vs. SNW @ ODAC (OSF leads the series 14-9)
* In a relatively close series, the Falcons and Cougars are no strangers to each other in Sunflower League play. Olathe South leads the series 6-4 in their last 10 meetings and could possibly reel off another win for the Falcons.

Last season the Falcons won in week-9 round 1 playoff game 30-21. Prior to that 2017 playoff game, both had not seen each other in the 2014 to 2016 seasons.

LAW vs. GET @ LAW (Series tied 0-0)
* Similar to the Hawks and Owls, these two will play in their very first Sunflower League game against each other. The Chesty Lions as to the Trailblazers will seek out a first meeting of Coaching minds as well with Steve Rampy and Ryan Cornelson in what could be a great game early on!

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