Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sunflower Preview Week-2 2018

Friday Night week-2 addition! - EKL


BMS vs. BVW (BMS leads the series 11-9)
* In quite traditional form, the Stags will to continue in their winning ways taking on a young Jaguars program led by third year Head Coach Josh Korkenmeier (BVT alumni). The Stags, in the current streak of wins they are on against BV West, have won four straight regular season games from 2014 to 2017.

The Jaguars had a very strong presence in week-1 against the Mill Valley Jaguars, only to fall short late in the 4Q. While the series history indicates a close record in their 20 previous games, the Stags are 8-2 since 2010 including a 1-1 playoff record against the West Jaguars during the Scott Wright era.    

BVT vs. BVN (BVT leads the series 26-7)
* Perhaps early on in the season, this big intra-district match up will provide a big opportunity for SR QB Graham Mertz and his fellow Mustangs, to slowly chip away at a huge losing deficit. While the above number is not so pretty, the Mustangs are on the right path. To do, so, the Mustangs are going to carry on from their week-12 playoff fever in the 2017 State Semi-final game to build on 2018 momentum.

Look for the Tigers to bounce back quickly, coming off a tough loss to the ST Aquinas Saints 30-14 in week-1. Veteran Head Coach Allen Terrill will have is Tigers prepared as they are 9-1 in their last 10 games dating back to 2010, and the start of the Eric Driskell era 2010-2016.   

BNW vs. HAR (Series tied 0-0)
* DYK?

The Last time the Huskies faced a Missouri school was the 2005 season under first year, and former Head Coach Mike Zegunis (AC OWO). Northwest faced a local power in the Blue Springs South Jaguars led by Greg Oder (now an AC at Gardner-Edgerton) and came away with a resounding 33 to 0 win in week-1 game.

14 years later in 2018 Clint Rider will get his chance to take on the Harrisonville Wildcats of the West Central Conference. Harrisonville is a known dominant powerhouse having won four State Titles in six seasons under Fred Bouchard. Fourth year Head Coach/AD Brent Maxwell, now is facing something his Wildcats have not experienced in many years, with a 0-2 start. With blowout losses from Kearney and Marysville, this is an opportunity to get back on track, while the Huskies will be doing the same early on in the season.  

BSW vs. STA (STA leads the series 4-2)
* Although the Timber-Wolves are entering their ninth season of play, the Saints and T-Wolves have only met six times, starting in 2012.

The Saints, and Randy Dreiling have held the edge in the last four seasons going 3-1 since 2014. While six games is a quality number, the two will continue build on this series.  

MVJ vs. SJA (MVJ leads the series 5-1)
* In what could be a great game of two talented Football minds in Joel Applebee of Mill Valley, and Tom Radke of the SJ Academy Thunder, this early season gridiron match up could be one to throw the 5A standings off just a bit.

Look for the Thunder to come out strong early on, and try to temper a powerful Mill Valley offense. This could easily be high scoring, or filled with multiple 3 and outs and sound defense by both teams. 

LAN vs. BLB (Series tied 9-9)
* These two are no strangers to each other as the Lions, and Bobcats eagerly take on a 19th meeting in their all-time series.

The Bobcats are currently 8-2 in their last 10 games against Lansing, as the experience and play will lean towards a play-off caliber team going deep in the State playoffs. Under new leadership, the Lions Head Coach Dylan Brown will look for his young players to have a strong game, and attempt to stop the Bobcats offense.  

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