Wednesday, August 29, 2018

SM North Indians - #97

Shawnee-Mission Indians Football at 97 years young

Similar to the Olathe North Eagles, the SM North Football Indians will begin their 97th season of play. 

Led by first year Head Coach Zach Rampy (son of former Blue Valley Tigers, and current Lawrence Chesty Lions) Head Coach will began a new era of play. 

The 2017 season ended a four year career of Indians alumnus, Ben Bartlett, who played in the Sam Brown era in the late 1990s. 

Entering the 2018 season, the Indians, facing a Coaching change adding Zach Rampy will take on a new look and era. While it is too early for any to call at this time, the eagerness of off-season 7v7 and practice has driven the Indians to make some large strides on the gridiron. 

The 2017 season was Coach Rampy's first season with SM North. 

For any 6A East team, there is never an easy week. Staying off, or perhaps under the radar of play could be what the Indians can look to do. Motivation is a key, and the Indians Coaching Staff is full of prior student-athletes now turned Educators and becoming key mentor's in their young students lives. The Indians can, succeed and do great things on the field for Coach Rampy in the week's ahead. 

Best of luck to SM North in 2018!

The Zack Rampy led Indians will host the SM South Raiders in week-1

SM North Indians Coaches 1922-2018

22-23 (2) A.L. Berry
24-25 (2) Harold Swaney
26-34 (9) W.B. Conklin
35-54 (20) Harold Reade
55-57 (3) Guy Barnes
58-60 (3) Bryan Speery
61-63 (3) Reese Pollard
64-78 (15) Larry Taylor
79-84 (6) Bob Stauffer
85-90 (6) Larry Harless
91-96 (6) Bob Stauffer
97-04 (8) Sam Brown
05-09 (5) Ryan Majors
10-12 (3) USMC Dennis Grayless
13 (1) Don Simmons
14-17 (4) @ Ben Bartlett
18 (1+) Zach Rampy


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