Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day Sunflower League!

Today is a day, unlike many others.

With today being Father's Day, it is with great pleasure to thank those within the Sunflower League who are Father's, and step in to the role's as fathers/parents for many of our student-athletes across the board.

It is hard to write though, expressing my thoughts to our great readers having lost my Father three years ago at KU Med in Kansas City, Kansas due to some health issues that ultimately took his life after a very young 56 years of life.

To our student-athletes at all of our 13 schools. Do not ever hesitate to reach out to any one on your Coaching staff to confide in, ask for advice, seek strength in any way you need if a parent is out of the picture or never was. They care for you a lot throughout your time at the school you attend, and want to see you all succeed long after your playing days are over. Your Coaches love for their student-athletes is an extension of their own family, and will always want the best for you.

As we all find time to enjoy this Fathers Day, reach out to those great Grandparents of yours as well who raised your Dad and Thank them as well! Without them, you could not be here to carry on the family name and in to the next generation of parents/family as we are.

From the Sunflower League to all of our Coaching Fathers, Happy Father's Day!


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