Thursday, June 21, 2018

Catching up with SMW alumni Lee Allen Spight

Andre' Maloney #29 - 7v7 Camp Interview with Lee Allen Spight

A few weeks ago, the SM West Vikings led by Tim Callaghan, entering his 16th year as Head Coach, hosted the 6th Annual, Andre' Maloney 7v7 Football Clinic.

With a multitule of local High Schools participating: Bishop Miege, SM East, Olathe North, Grandview, Lee's Summit West, Lansing, Chapman KS, St. James Academy,

After the completion of the tournament, I was able to sit down with former SM West Football Viking, and student-athlete, NJCAA, and NCAA. Lee Allen Spright, went on to play with the Hutchinson Red Dragons, and SE Louisiana University Lions Football programs respectively. He was fortunate to be part of the SM West 2012 State Football Championship that included close friend Andre Maloney #29 #MiB. 

Recently the Sunflower Football News was fortunate to meet with Lee Allen as he returned to SM West for the 7v7 Tournament.

SFN - You had a great career on the gridiron from SM West, to the Junior College, and NCAA route. What advice to you give to a High School Junior wanting to play at the next level?
Spight - The advice that I would give to a junior who wants to play at the next level would be to always be coachable! There are many great athletes who have tremendous talent but because they are not coachable, they many times will not reach their full potential as a player and can also be hindering the team's success. Winning football games plays a large factor for athletes when it comes to recruiting.  

SFN - You and Andre Maloney spent a lot of time together on and off the field prior to game time. What stood out about his personality that allured you to introducing yourself and becoming a lifelong friend?
Spight - I was the "new kid" at the school my freshman year and the first few friends that I made were football players. Andre was one of the closer friends I had at the school. He and I shared a common interest which was our love for football. When I noticed how hard he worked, and the passion he had for the game we naturally developed a closer friendship. 

SFN - SM West has built a stellar Football reputation during your career as a Viking. If Tim Callaghan asked you to join his staff, where would you see your impact be to see the future flourish for years to come?
Spight - If Coach Callaghan asked me to join the staff I would be honored to help out wherever I am asked. One thing that I do know is that whatever role that I am assigned to play I would do it with a lot of energy and passion! If it is to be the water boy, I would be the most motivational, energetic, enthusiastic water boy there is!  

SFN - Playing in a State Final is a goal for many High School athletes across the state. What advice did you find the best from a fellow coach or friend on the team?
Spight - The best advice I've been given from all of my fellow teammates, and coaches and the best advice that I can give a player who wants to win is to do YOUR job. Don't try and do anybody else's. If all 11 players on the field are doing their job at the same time every play you are destined to win.  

SFN - Although you are far removed from your Viking playing days, what fellow SFL schools did you enjoy playing on Friday's?
Spight - I loved playing against any and every team who was standing in our way of a state championship. The team that lined up across from us on that particular Friday night is the team that I loved playing against simply because it meant that when we win, we're one step closer to a State Championship. 

Lee Allen Spights playing career: 
2010 - SM West Vikings - 7-3
2011 - SM West Vikings - 7-4
2012 - SM West Vikings - 12-1 - 6A State Champions defeating the Hutch SaltHawks 19-14
2013 - SM West Vikings - 4-5 - Andre Maloney passing away after Leavenworth game week-5
2014 - Hutch Red Dragons - 11-1
2015 - Hutch Red Dragons - 5-6
2016 - SE Louisiana - 7-4
2017 - SE Louisiana - 6-5

Totals - Overall at 59W-29L-88 Games played - 670 W%

SM West 30W-13L-43 GP - 697 W%
Hutch CC 16W-7L-23 GP - 695 W%
SE Louisiana 13W-9L - 22 GP - 590 W% 

Thank you again for your time in joining the Sunflower Football News Lee. Your time with us is much appreciated reaching out to all of the current Sunflower Student-athletes who will be playing in the Fall of 2018.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day Sunflower League!

Today is a day, unlike many others.

With today being Father's Day, it is with great pleasure to thank those within the Sunflower League who are Father's, and step in to the role's as fathers/parents for many of our student-athletes across the board.

It is hard to write though, expressing my thoughts to our great readers having lost my Father three years ago at KU Med in Kansas City, Kansas due to some health issues that ultimately took his life after a very young 56 years of life.

To our student-athletes at all of our 13 schools. Do not ever hesitate to reach out to any one on your Coaching staff to confide in, ask for advice, seek strength in any way you need if a parent is out of the picture or never was. They care for you a lot throughout your time at the school you attend, and want to see you all succeed long after your playing days are over. Your Coaches love for their student-athletes is an extension of their own family, and will always want the best for you.

As we all find time to enjoy this Fathers Day, reach out to those great Grandparents of yours as well who raised your Dad and Thank them as well! Without them, you could not be here to carry on the family name and in to the next generation of parents/family as we are.

From the Sunflower League to all of our Coaching Fathers, Happy Father's Day!