Tuesday, January 9, 2018

BREAKING: Trailblazers hire Cornelson

Trailblazers Hire: Coach Ryan Cornelson of the Hutchinson SaltHawks

The Gardner-Edgerton Trailblazers hire former Hutchinson SaltHawks Football Coach Ryan Cornelson

Per Dan Page @KWCHDan www.catchinkansas.com  Ryan Cornelson will be taking over for the retiring Marvin Diener who has led Gardner-Edgerton since 2006. 

In Ryan Cornelson's four seasons at Hutchinson, he took the SaltHawks to a trip to the State Championship game in 2014 coming off a down 5-4 season previously coached by now ST Aquinas Saints Head Coach Randy Dreiling. 

The Hutchinson SaltHawks position at the time was highly sought for across the state, ultimately with Hays losing Ryan Cornelson after a strong 35-12 showing from 2009 to 2013. Although he was 0-2 in the playoffs with the Indians, the SaltHawks accomplished a few more under his leadership, and far exceeded any expectations of the SaltHawks faithful. 

It is a daunting task to take over for a legend such as Randy Dreiling, in any situation a new Head Coach finds themselves in but in the end a right fit from the beginning. 

Coming to the Trailblazers, Ryan Cornelson will take over a program that has finished 6W-31L in their last four seasons during his time in the western side of the 6A. 

One advantage Ryan Cornelson will have entering the 2018 season that Randy Dreiling did not, meeting the Eastern 6 & 5A Champion only once, his SaltHawks game history brings four years of Sunflower opponents to it that he has to learn from moving forward to next Fall. 

For those taking note, Ryan Cornelson was 0-1 against SM East and formerly Dustin Delaney of the Lancers, 1-0 against the Free State Firebirds, 1-1 vs. the Olathe South Falcons from 2014-2015, and 2-0 against the Olathe East Hawks during the 2016-2017 seasons at 4-2 overall. 

La Crosse Leopards (53-13)
2003 - 5-4
2004 - 9-2
2005 - 7-4
2006 - 11-1
2007 - 10-1
2008 - 11-1
Hays Indians (35-12)
2009 - 7-2
2010 - 7-2
2011 - 8-2
2012 - 7-3
2013 - 6-3
Hutchinson Salthawks (25-15)
2014 - 8-5 - Lost to SM East 33-13 in 6A State FInal
2015 - 6-4 - Lost to Junction City in week-10
2016 - 9-2 - Lost to Derby in week-11
2017 - 5-4 - Lost 3 straight similar to 2013 SaltHawks
Gardner-Edgerton (0-0)
2018 - 0-0+

Congratulations to the Trailblazers and Ryan Cornelson on becoming the newest Head Coach to the Sunflower League! 

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