Monday, September 24, 2018

Sunflower Week-5-2018

SME vs. SMS @ SMN (SMS leads the series 30-19-1)
* When SM South opened in 1966, the Raiders took many SM East athletes in to their new halls south of 95th and Mission Road. For literally two decades, the Raiders and Lancers found themselves in District play in week-9 fueling perhaps one of the best intra-district Football rivalries to this date. After a two year absences on the schedule, and a streak of 50 straight games ruined 24 months ago, this rivalry will once again reign true with local bragging rights as important as a game against Rockhurst.

Justin Hoover, will take SME, who are 9-1 against SM South in their last 10 games since 2007. While much of the Lancers talent has graduated in recent seasons, the Raiders will need to find a way to minimize turnovers, and find a way to get past the Lancers defense and secondary. That will not be easy as Brett Oberzan and his staff are rebuilding a roster that was once depleted in 2016.

LFS vs. SSC @ LFS (Series tied 0-0)
* The Free State Firebirds will play Sedalia Smith-Cotton for the first time ever in its 22  year year history. Like others you have noticed on the 2018 schedule in Lansing, Leavenworth, and Manhattan, it will be seen again in weeks 7 and 8. The love of unbalanced scheduling will haunt the SFL again in 2019.

SMW vs. OWO @ SMS (Series tied 0-0)
* For the first time since the 2004 Football season, the Vikings will see a new team on the schedule with the Owls. As this is now week-5, the Owls will be looking to solidify ground the best way they can looking for seeding in the 5A East bracket. Although it is still early to talk about it, will be important in the weeks to come. A late season win can push confidence forward in a good way if the Owls fall in line with a quality seeding of play.

The Vikings however are looking to end a 13 game losing streak that started in week-10 of the 2016 season.

SMN vs. OEH @ SMN (OEH leads the series 15-5)
* Olathe East will travel to SM North to face the Indians in which could be another tough stretch for SM North. The Eagles have dominated the series in recent history winning 10 straight games and ending games quickly as they have started in recent meetings. The last time these two met was in the 2015 season.

OSF vs. ONE @ ODAC (ONE leads the series 25-5)
* In the greatest rivalry of rivalries the Eagles and Falcons will meet for the 31st time after a season hiatus that they did not meet in 2017. The Falcons under Craig Lewis will look to end a five game losing streak dating back to 2012. Their last win came in 2010 in a week-11 playoff game led by former Head Coach Jeff Gourley.

For those that know this Olathe City rivalry dating back to its earliest of days it started in 1981 with Bud Wheeler leaving the Olathe Eagles to open South, and Gene Weir taking over the Eagles in which many county and city wide would say the "rest is history."

LAW vs. SNW @ LAW (LAW leads the series 21-14)
* The new look Chesty Lions under Steve Rampy will host the NW Cougars in which should be a very good game. Although both teams have lost a lot of talented kids this past Fall, look for NW to continue to keep building on their previous work. The Chesty Lions are 4-6 in their last 10 meetings against the Cougars since Bo Black has taken over.

The Cougars are coming off a tough loss to the Lancers, while the Chesty Lions got their first win for Steve Rampy.

ONW vs. GET @ CBAC (GET leads the series 3-0)
* The Trailblazers have a small, yet dominate 3 game advantage over the Ravens in their small history. Most all of these games all came under the old schedule format as a District game. This will be a good test for the Ravens to come away with a win a home against a young Trailblazers program.

The Trailblazers look to continue their early success entering the Sunflower League in which the same occurred in 2010 as the EKL was taken by storm as well with quality success on the field of play.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sunflower Preview Week-4-2018

ONW vs. LAW @ CBAC (LAW leads the series 5-3)
* The Chesty Lions enter week-4 with a narrow series lead over ONW.

This will be a fun game for both sides, as the two will be leading with new Head Coaches, again meeting league wide with the Sunflower changing Coaches. The Chesty Lions will look to meet again after not playing each other in 2016 and 2017.

ONE vs. Columbine, CO (Series tied 0-0)
* In a non-conference match up the Eagles will head to Colorado to face the Columbine High School Rebels. For the Eagles, this will be one of their longest road games in the history of the program. Locally, only Rockhurst and a small handful of other schools have traveled farther distances to play.

This game will be tough to gauge, as only in recent times have the Eagles truly played out-of-state competition. The Eagles managed to take out Rogers-Heritage on the road to start the 2014-15 season, but lost when it came time for them to host (RH ended up forfeiting the game later in the year).  Columbine has seen a similar amount of success as the Eagles in their area, consistently earning 10-win seasons since the turn of the decade. Both teams will enter the game undefeated and have seemed to not be fully tested by their previous competition.

LFS vs. SMW @ LFS (SMW leads the series 12-11)
* In a great match up of Bob Lisher, and Tim Callaghan, the Vikings lead the series by one game.

These two not only meet consistently in the regular season but many times in the 6A-East playoffs (of old) since 2008. While their 2017 week-1 game ended with a bad Vikings loss, a strong rebounding game by a young Vikings offense could prove to be a difference maker in the game. Like SM West, the Firebirds will bring an ample amount of Varsity experience in to this game in hoping to strike quickly for points on the scoreboard.

Three weeks in, the Vikings are still looking to tap in to the win column, falling behind winless Blue Valley North at the 13th spot in the west bracket/standings.

OWO vs. SMN @ CBAC (Series tied 0-0)
* In yet another first, the Owls and Indians will meet in Olathe West's inaugural season at the varsity level. This match-up will show two programs on polar opposites when it comes to tradition. The Indians are in their 97th season of Indians Football history within Johnson County while the Owls are still finding its feet in their first.

Both teams have struggled to find their first wins of the season, with SM North failing to muster a strong showing against three of the top teams of the league so far. West has found similar problems, but the team showed promise in a 27-37 loss to rival Olathe East last week. There are currently four win-less teams in the Sunflower League, at least one of those teams will escape this coming Friday.

GET vs. OEH @ GET (OEH leads the series 1-0)
* The Trailblazers, and Hawks will meet for only the second time ever in their small history.

While geographically very close to each other, they last met in a week-10 playoff game defeating the Trialblazers 19-7 in 2013, and will now meet again in their first ever conference game. These two, including Olathe South can and will build on their game history in seasons to come with the Trailblazers addition to the Sunflower League.

SMS vs. OSF @ SMS (OSF leads the series 10-8)
* Rare... How rare? While these two have meet 18 times since 1989, both programs have been off of each others radar from 2014 to 2017 (4 seasons). The Falcons are 9-1 in their last 10 against the struggling Raiders who have been and continue to rebuild their identity.

This game for the Raiders can be very beneficial as much as it was for the Cougars in the previous week pulling off a late win in overtime.

Currently on a three game win streak, playing a tough Falcons squad will prove to be a real test on the gridiron including SM East the following week.

SNW vs. SME @ SMN (SNW leads the series 25-22)
* In a change of pace, the Cougars will face the Lancers, as SME has been a thorn in the Cougars side since arriving in 2009. Entering in to this game, the Cougars have lost 11 straight dating back to the arrival of former Head Coaches Chip Sherman (5-0), and Dustin Delaney (6-0).

Justin Hoover will want to see his Lancers off to a quick start as they have in recent memory lauded points on the scoreboard in less than three minutes of time on the 1Q game clock. This has been a common denominator of the lopsided play with a very experienced Lancer offensive line and a strong QB presence in SR Andy Maddux.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Sunflower Preview Week-3-2018

SMS vs. LAN @ SMS (Series tied 0-0)
* In a non-conference week-3 game, the Raiders will take on the Lansing Lions for the first time in team history. During the 2016 and 2017 seasons, the SM North Indians completed a 2-0 sweep of the Lions in a home-and-home series.

Taking on the Lions will not be an easy task for the Raiders, as, Lions Head Coach Dylan Brown is no stranger to the Sunflower League. Taking on the Sunflower League is a powerful move forward for the Lions who are wanting to become a force in the 5A east, and will want to play well against fellow Sunflower League programs even if as a non-conference game.

SME vs. ONW @ SMN (SME leads the series 7-2)
* For the third week in a row, one new Head Coach will meet another new Head Coach. This time, with Justin Hoover, and the Ravens Aaron Hafner, a new regime has taken place in both Football programs.

The Lancers have led this series against the Raven's from the beginning in 2004, only to concede two games to the Ravens in 2007 and 2009. In the prior meeting of these two, the Lancers defeated the Ravens in a week-10 playoff game with SME coming away 42-17. This should be a great test for the ONW moving forward and an opportunity to have a great game night.

SMW vs. ONE @ SMS (ONE leads the series 16-4)
* In what could be a great game with talent on both sides of the ball, the Vikings and Eagles will host a great game at SM South. While the Eagles have ODAC, the Vikings have been known to call SM South stadium a place of dominance as their home field as well.

While the Vikings were winless at home for the first time ever in their history in 2017, they hope to change that against the Eagles and Chris McCartney. Arland Bruce III will be a tough stop for the Vikings defense in order to build on this early season of play. It will be up to the Vikings defense to play a great game and work to get the ball from Arland Bruce III who has gone about his business well on the field of play, as it is noticed by many.

SMN vs. LFS @ SMN (LFS leads the series 7-1)
* The Firebirds and Indians will meet for only their ninth time in series history. Nine times! (If you recognize the Ferris Bueller reference!)

Playing on the road for the Firebirds at SM North is one of their best road stadiums to play in. In their last few years, defeating SM East, North, and Northwest has been a relatively easy task to accomplish. Look for the Indians to defend their home turf in what could be a tough match up and changing the course of history against the Firebirds.

Zack Rampy's young Indians have a tough task ahead, but will continue to improved putting up 27 points last week against the ONE defense.

OEH vs. OWO @ CBAC (Series tied 0-0)
* Coach Jesse Owen, and TJ O'Neill will meet for the very first time in what will start a series that will take place for seasons to come. With no game history, there is no better place to start than here in week-3. Best of luck to both the Hawks and Owls!

OSF vs. SNW @ ODAC (OSF leads the series 14-9)
* In a relatively close series, the Falcons and Cougars are no strangers to each other in Sunflower League play. Olathe South leads the series 6-4 in their last 10 meetings and could possibly reel off another win for the Falcons.

Last season the Falcons won in week-9 round 1 playoff game 30-21. Prior to that 2017 playoff game, both had not seen each other in the 2014 to 2016 seasons.

LAW vs. GET @ LAW (Series tied 0-0)
* Similar to the Hawks and Owls, these two will play in their very first Sunflower League game against each other. The Chesty Lions as to the Trailblazers will seek out a first meeting of Coaching minds as well with Steve Rampy and Ryan Cornelson in what could be a great game early on!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sunflower Preview Week-2 2018

Friday Night week-2 addition! - EKL


BMS vs. BVW (BMS leads the series 11-9)
* In quite traditional form, the Stags will to continue in their winning ways taking on a young Jaguars program led by third year Head Coach Josh Korkenmeier (BVT alumni). The Stags, in the current streak of wins they are on against BV West, have won four straight regular season games from 2014 to 2017.

The Jaguars had a very strong presence in week-1 against the Mill Valley Jaguars, only to fall short late in the 4Q. While the series history indicates a close record in their 20 previous games, the Stags are 8-2 since 2010 including a 1-1 playoff record against the West Jaguars during the Scott Wright era.    

BVT vs. BVN (BVT leads the series 26-7)
* Perhaps early on in the season, this big intra-district match up will provide a big opportunity for SR QB Graham Mertz and his fellow Mustangs, to slowly chip away at a huge losing deficit. While the above number is not so pretty, the Mustangs are on the right path. To do, so, the Mustangs are going to carry on from their week-12 playoff fever in the 2017 State Semi-final game to build on 2018 momentum.

Look for the Tigers to bounce back quickly, coming off a tough loss to the ST Aquinas Saints 30-14 in week-1. Veteran Head Coach Allen Terrill will have is Tigers prepared as they are 9-1 in their last 10 games dating back to 2010, and the start of the Eric Driskell era 2010-2016.   

BNW vs. HAR (Series tied 0-0)
* DYK?

The Last time the Huskies faced a Missouri school was the 2005 season under first year, and former Head Coach Mike Zegunis (AC OWO). Northwest faced a local power in the Blue Springs South Jaguars led by Greg Oder (now an AC at Gardner-Edgerton) and came away with a resounding 33 to 0 win in week-1 game.

14 years later in 2018 Clint Rider will get his chance to take on the Harrisonville Wildcats of the West Central Conference. Harrisonville is a known dominant powerhouse having won four State Titles in six seasons under Fred Bouchard. Fourth year Head Coach/AD Brent Maxwell, now is facing something his Wildcats have not experienced in many years, with a 0-2 start. With blowout losses from Kearney and Marysville, this is an opportunity to get back on track, while the Huskies will be doing the same early on in the season.  

BSW vs. STA (STA leads the series 4-2)
* Although the Timber-Wolves are entering their ninth season of play, the Saints and T-Wolves have only met six times, starting in 2012.

The Saints, and Randy Dreiling have held the edge in the last four seasons going 3-1 since 2014. While six games is a quality number, the two will continue build on this series.  

MVJ vs. SJA (MVJ leads the series 5-1)
* In what could be a great game of two talented Football minds in Joel Applebee of Mill Valley, and Tom Radke of the SJ Academy Thunder, this early season gridiron match up could be one to throw the 5A standings off just a bit.

Look for the Thunder to come out strong early on, and try to temper a powerful Mill Valley offense. This could easily be high scoring, or filled with multiple 3 and outs and sound defense by both teams. 

LAN vs. BLB (Series tied 9-9)
* These two are no strangers to each other as the Lions, and Bobcats eagerly take on a 19th meeting in their all-time series.

The Bobcats are currently 8-2 in their last 10 games against Lansing, as the experience and play will lean towards a play-off caliber team going deep in the State playoffs. Under new leadership, the Lions Head Coach Dylan Brown will look for his young players to have a strong game, and attempt to stop the Bobcats offense.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Sunflower Preview Week-2 2018

LVP vs. SNW @ LVP (SNW leads the series 26-6)
* While the Pioneers and Cougars are no strangers to each other, this will be their first ever non-conference Football game.

Coach Mark Littrell will host the Cougars, in which he would like to consider this an upset to slow down the Cougars early start after a week-1 game against SM West. This will be Bo Black's first meeting against the Pioneers in his fourth year with the Cougars.

The Cougars are off to a solid start with a defeat against the Vikings, while the Pioneers had a rough night against a powerful DeSoto Wildcats Football program. Should the Cougars prevail again in week-2, it will be a big step forward before moving on to another well-coached team in the Olathe South Falcons next week.

SMS vs. SMW @ SMS (SMW leads the series 36-23-1)
* In surprising fashion, Brett Oberzan's 2017 Raiders defeated the Vikings, ending both a 20 game losing streak, and Tim Callaghan's first loss against the Raiders in 14 tries all-time giving him a 13-1 record. That Raiders losing streak dated from 1997 to 2016 spanning five Coaches.

Can the Raiders to the same again in 2018? It will be a tough task, as they will have to take on Vikings QB CJ Callagahan coming off a loss in week-1 to the Cougars.

With those games under his belt, he will look to lead his offense to much greener pasteur's after last years winless season. This is one of the most historic rivalries in the SMSD-5 Football programs that flourished in the 1960s and 70s. This week, the Vikings will look to rebound against another district foe in the Raiders while currently on an 11 game losing streat.

ONE vs. SMN @ ODAC (ONE leads the series 22-2)
* In a very lopsided series the Eagles have dominated the SM North Indians. If you are wondering who those two wins belong to at SM North, that would be former Head Coaches Sam Brown and Ben Bartlett.

Enter Zach Rampy, in his first year, as it is the Indians goal to reverse these fortunes and rebuild a once strong and powerful Indians Football history.

While it will take time, facing the Eagles will be a great test early on to see the progress not only from 2017 but the work ethic instilled in this young Indians team. Olathe North has been known for decades to own the ODAC home field (which they do) but this could be a great game for the Indians on the road.

LFS vs. OEH @ LFS (LFS leaders the series 11-9)
* In a tightly contested match up, the Firebirds and Hawks look to renew a great rivalry as the Firebirds compete very well against the Olathe #233.

In their last two meetings the Firebirds have dominated against Jesse Owen's defense. With the Firebirds coming off of three-straight losses to Derby, restarting their season on a great note in preparation for the 6A-West bracket is a goal to accomplish from week to week.

GET vs. OWO @ GET (Series tied 0-0)
* The Trailblazers, and Owls will meet for the first time in Sunflower League history. With both programs new to each other, in addition to Coaches who have yet to face each other this will only help both programs moving forward and growing as a program.

Look for the Trailblazers to continue to stay hot after a big win, and their first Sunflower win against a strong SM East Football team. The Owls, while being shutout in their first will continue to build and make strides early on in the season.

ONW vs. OSF @ CBAC (OSF leads the series 12-1)
* Week-2 of this Sunflower League marks another lopsided series in which the Falcons have dominated the Ravens since the 2004 season.

Coach Craig Lewis will bring his much improved Falcons and a 1-0 record against Coach Aaron Hafner's young Raven's. The Falcons are 9-1 in their last 10 games since 2006 and will look to continue that record forward until the Raven's can find a way to knock the Falcons off their nest.

The Ravens won 31 to 0 in the 2015 season under Chip Sherman, and last season in 2017, defeated the Raven's 21-7 in week-2.

For the Falcons Birdhouse, I expect it to be a loud night in the stands!

LAW vs. SME @ LAW (LAW leads the series 32-14)
* For the first time since 2001 Steve Rampy will face the SM East Lancers. At that time, current SM South Principal Todd Dain led the Lancers in his second season.

Today, both Steve Rampy, and Justin Hoover will face each other for the very first time.

Both have made their own impact's at prior schools and will now take on new challenged in the Sunflower League. SM East is 7-3 in their last 10 games against the Chesty Lions and look to build on that strength of play from their previous seasons.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

SM North Indians - #97

Shawnee-Mission Indians Football at 97 years young

Similar to the Olathe North Eagles, the SM North Football Indians will begin their 97th season of play. 

Led by first year Head Coach Zach Rampy (son of former Blue Valley Tigers, and current Lawrence Chesty Lions) Head Coach will began a new era of play. 

The 2017 season ended a four year career of Indians alumnus, Ben Bartlett, who played in the Sam Brown era in the late 1990s. 

Entering the 2018 season, the Indians, facing a Coaching change adding Zach Rampy will take on a new look and era. While it is too early for any to call at this time, the eagerness of off-season 7v7 and practice has driven the Indians to make some large strides on the gridiron. 

The 2017 season was Coach Rampy's first season with SM North. 

For any 6A East team, there is never an easy week. Staying off, or perhaps under the radar of play could be what the Indians can look to do. Motivation is a key, and the Indians Coaching Staff is full of prior student-athletes now turned Educators and becoming key mentor's in their young students lives. The Indians can, succeed and do great things on the field for Coach Rampy in the week's ahead. 

Best of luck to SM North in 2018!

The Zack Rampy led Indians will host the SM South Raiders in week-1

SM North Indians Coaches 1922-2018

22-23 (2) A.L. Berry
24-25 (2) Harold Swaney
26-34 (9) W.B. Conklin
35-54 (20) Harold Reade
55-57 (3) Guy Barnes
58-60 (3) Bryan Speery
61-63 (3) Reese Pollard
64-78 (15) Larry Taylor
79-84 (6) Bob Stauffer
85-90 (6) Larry Harless
91-96 (6) Bob Stauffer
97-04 (8) Sam Brown
05-09 (5) Ryan Majors
10-12 (3) USMC Dennis Grayless
13 (1) Don Simmons
14-17 (4) @ Ben Bartlett
18 (1+) Zach Rampy


Monday, August 27, 2018

Sunflower Preview Week-1 2018

Hello Sunflower League Football friends. Our time together has arrived as we prepare for the week-1 match-ups for Thursday and Friday night lights. 

Below are a few snippets to kick off the week on a good healthy note prior to kickoff. 

OSF vs. LAW @ ODAC (Series tied 16-16)
* Craig Lewis' Falcons look to start off quickly in this 2018 season. Although he is 0-2 against the Chesty Lions, Veteran Head Coach Steve Rampy will take over the reigns in his first season after a long tenure with the Pitt State Gorilla's Football team. Steve Rampy is no stranger to the Sunflower League as he played them often while formerly the Head Coach of the Blue Valley Tigers from 1985 to 2009. This should be a great to to start off the 2018 season as the Falcons are 6-4 in their last 10 against the Chesty Lions.

SMW vs. SNW @ SMS (SMW leads the series 33-19) 
* Improvement will be a key feature for the 2018 Vikings and Cougars in this intra-district match up. After a much improved 4-5 run by the Cougars in 2017, accomplishing that, and more in 2018 will be a goal from week to week.

Easier said than done, the Vikings are 7-3 in their last 10 against the NWC, and Tim Callaghan is 11-5 vs. the Cougars since 2003. NWC will look to continue the Vikings current 10 game losing streak and looking for a strong start. That said, the Vikings will be looking to end a 10 game winless streak sinxe 2017, and first 0-ffer since the school opened in 1962 going 0-8.

OEH vs. ONE @ CBAC (ONE leads the series 17-9)
* In their short tenures as Head Coaches taking over for both Gene Weir, and Jeff Meyers, both Chris McCartney, and Jesse Owen are 1-1 in two seasons as the Hawks and Eagles return for a 27th Varsity game dating to the 1992 season.

The Eagles are 7-3 in the last 10 games while the Hawks have been struggling to find their ground early in recent seasons. For the Hawks, coming off of their 5-5 season will be a goal to continue to return the bar to the high standards of Football Olathe East has carried since day one. This game could easily come down to a field goal or final play to determine a winner. Both teams will be intense from kick-off.

OWO vs. LSF @ ODAC (Series tied 0-0)
* In the first of its kind, the Owls will host the Free State Firebirds in their first Varsity game. One thing Coach Bob Lisher can pass along to TJ O'Neill in his initial Varsity season is to literally "Trust the process" as we have all began to hear that term in recent memory. Bob Lisher can say this with confidence to a young Owls Football program building from scratch in to a future legacy that this young program will come to learn over time and as the teams identity will soon flourish with each game under their belt. Best of luck to the Owls in their first Varsity game, as the Firebirds hosted their's in the Fall of 1997 with the SM East Lancers at old Haskell Stadium in Lawrence in week-1 of that Football season years ago.

SMN vs. SMS @ SMN (SMN leads the series 31-25)
* Another intra-district game will be the Indians (led by first year Head Coach) Zach Rampy, and fourth year Raiders Coach Brett Oberzan.

In 2017 the Indians struggled at 1-8 suffering a huge setback losing QB Will Schneider to graduation. Coach Zach Rampy will want his new squad to move forward and learn from those lessens with a goal of getting an early home win against the Raiders. For SM South, their 3-6 record was a slight and better improvement of play from a 0-9 2016 year. Look for the Raiders roster to continue to grow in strength in a team that was once a Sunflower power, as was SM North in the late 1960's and 70's.

SME vs. GET @ SMS (SME leads the series 4-0)
* Both SM East, and Gardner-Edgerton will meet for the first time under new leadership. Gone are Dustin Delaney to the Eaglecrest CO Raptors, and Marvin Diener to retirement for the Trailblazers. Incoming are Ryan Cornelson (formerly of the Hutchinson SaltHawks) and Justin Hoover, immediately succeeding Fred Bouchard, formerly of the NKCSD Athletic Department and the Staley Falcons who recently took an Assistant Superintendent position in Illinois earlier in the month.

This will be a great game for both as it will be their first in Sunflower League play. In their last two match ups, the Trailblazers have given the Lancers a run for their money during the 2016 playoffs in a one point loss 36-35, and look to come out strong again in 2018 despite a winless season.

MAN vs. ONW @ MAN (Series tied 0-0)
* This will be the first meeting for the Manhattan Indians and Olathe NW Ravens in both schools history. At no time has either ever met in regular season and post-season play.

This will mark Aaron Hafner's first game as Head Coach for the Ravens coming from Luther College, and D-3 college in Iowa, and a long time return to Kansas to enter the High School Coaching ranks. Last season, the Indians, led by Joe Schartz finished 8-2 in lost to the Derby Panthers in week-10 and going 1-1 in the 6A-West bracket.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Change at the Top - SME makes a move!

Justin Hoover - Newest Head Football Coach at SM East 

As most all of us learned in the last week, SM East Head Coach Fred Bouchard has resigned his position within the SMSD #512. Coach/Dr. Fred Bouchard will begin a position within an Illinois School District as Assistant Superintendent. Best of luck to Dr. Fred Bouchard in this new chapter of his career in education, all of which has been in the state of Missouri. 

This is a first for such a large School District located in the state of Kansas, in which of all five Football programs, has never happen before with the opening of SM Northwest for the 69-70 school year. A Head Coach filling a position, only to resign. 

For those curious, if this has ever happened before in the Sunflower League, the answer is yes. 

Digging in to the Sunflower League archives, this same event happened to the Wyandotte Bulldogs in the Fall of the 1975-76 school year. Head Coach Charles Richard was hired in the Spring of the previous school year to take over the program once Bill Perry resigned following a four year tenure from 1971 to 1974. With Mr. Charles Richard abrupt resignation, Max Payne was hired and Coached the Bulldogs from 1975 to 1979. 

If this has ever taken place across the state of Kansas outside of Johnson, and Wyandotte counties, one is not aware of at this time. Currently going through all histories to check of resignations 6A to 1A histories where this has taken place. 

State wide, their have been numerous times that a Head Coach has resigned during a season or after for one reason or another. 

Coming on the heals of Dustin Delaney's resignation after the Olathe South Falcons game during the start of the 2017 season, this position was one of the hottest positions available within the Kansas City metro area. 

Assistant Coach Justin Hoover, formerly the Quarterback Coach of the Bishop Miege Stags, has been appointed Head Coach per the SMSD #512, and Athletic Director Debbie Katzfey

Justin Hoover becomes the 12th Head Coach for the Lancers since the Fall of the 1958 season. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Catching up with SMW alumni Lee Allen Spight

Andre' Maloney #29 - 7v7 Camp Interview with Lee Allen Spight

A few weeks ago, the SM West Vikings led by Tim Callaghan, entering his 16th year as Head Coach, hosted the 6th Annual, Andre' Maloney 7v7 Football Clinic.

With a multitule of local High Schools participating: Bishop Miege, SM East, Olathe North, Grandview, Lee's Summit West, Lansing, Chapman KS, St. James Academy,

After the completion of the tournament, I was able to sit down with former SM West Football Viking, and student-athlete, NJCAA, and NCAA. Lee Allen Spright, went on to play with the Hutchinson Red Dragons, and SE Louisiana University Lions Football programs respectively. He was fortunate to be part of the SM West 2012 State Football Championship that included close friend Andre Maloney #29 #MiB. 

Recently the Sunflower Football News was fortunate to meet with Lee Allen as he returned to SM West for the 7v7 Tournament.

SFN - You had a great career on the gridiron from SM West, to the Junior College, and NCAA route. What advice to you give to a High School Junior wanting to play at the next level?
Spight - The advice that I would give to a junior who wants to play at the next level would be to always be coachable! There are many great athletes who have tremendous talent but because they are not coachable, they many times will not reach their full potential as a player and can also be hindering the team's success. Winning football games plays a large factor for athletes when it comes to recruiting.  

SFN - You and Andre Maloney spent a lot of time together on and off the field prior to game time. What stood out about his personality that allured you to introducing yourself and becoming a lifelong friend?
Spight - I was the "new kid" at the school my freshman year and the first few friends that I made were football players. Andre was one of the closer friends I had at the school. He and I shared a common interest which was our love for football. When I noticed how hard he worked, and the passion he had for the game we naturally developed a closer friendship. 

SFN - SM West has built a stellar Football reputation during your career as a Viking. If Tim Callaghan asked you to join his staff, where would you see your impact be to see the future flourish for years to come?
Spight - If Coach Callaghan asked me to join the staff I would be honored to help out wherever I am asked. One thing that I do know is that whatever role that I am assigned to play I would do it with a lot of energy and passion! If it is to be the water boy, I would be the most motivational, energetic, enthusiastic water boy there is!  

SFN - Playing in a State Final is a goal for many High School athletes across the state. What advice did you find the best from a fellow coach or friend on the team?
Spight - The best advice I've been given from all of my fellow teammates, and coaches and the best advice that I can give a player who wants to win is to do YOUR job. Don't try and do anybody else's. If all 11 players on the field are doing their job at the same time every play you are destined to win.  

SFN - Although you are far removed from your Viking playing days, what fellow SFL schools did you enjoy playing on Friday's?
Spight - I loved playing against any and every team who was standing in our way of a state championship. The team that lined up across from us on that particular Friday night is the team that I loved playing against simply because it meant that when we win, we're one step closer to a State Championship. 

Lee Allen Spights playing career: 
2010 - SM West Vikings - 7-3
2011 - SM West Vikings - 7-4
2012 - SM West Vikings - 12-1 - 6A State Champions defeating the Hutch SaltHawks 19-14
2013 - SM West Vikings - 4-5 - Andre Maloney passing away after Leavenworth game week-5
2014 - Hutch Red Dragons - 11-1
2015 - Hutch Red Dragons - 5-6
2016 - SE Louisiana - 7-4
2017 - SE Louisiana - 6-5

Totals - Overall at 59W-29L-88 Games played - 670 W%

SM West 30W-13L-43 GP - 697 W%
Hutch CC 16W-7L-23 GP - 695 W%
SE Louisiana 13W-9L - 22 GP - 590 W% 

Thank you again for your time in joining the Sunflower Football News Lee. Your time with us is much appreciated reaching out to all of the current Sunflower Student-athletes who will be playing in the Fall of 2018.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day Sunflower League!

Today is a day, unlike many others.

With today being Father's Day, it is with great pleasure to thank those within the Sunflower League who are Father's, and step in to the role's as fathers/parents for many of our student-athletes across the board.

It is hard to write though, expressing my thoughts to our great readers having lost my Father three years ago at KU Med in Kansas City, Kansas due to some health issues that ultimately took his life after a very young 56 years of life.

To our student-athletes at all of our 13 schools. Do not ever hesitate to reach out to any one on your Coaching staff to confide in, ask for advice, seek strength in any way you need if a parent is out of the picture or never was. They care for you a lot throughout your time at the school you attend, and want to see you all succeed long after your playing days are over. Your Coaches love for their student-athletes is an extension of their own family, and will always want the best for you.

As we all find time to enjoy this Fathers Day, reach out to those great Grandparents of yours as well who raised your Dad and Thank them as well! Without them, you could not be here to carry on the family name and in to the next generation of parents/family as we are.

From the Sunflower League to all of our Coaching Fathers, Happy Father's Day!


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

SM West Vikings Decade in Review

SM West Vikings Football

Entering 2018

Tim Callaghan (103-54+) 
2010   7-3 - Lost to SM Northwest in week-10
2011   7-4 - Lost to Olathe East in week-11
2012 12-1 - 6A State Champions - Led by JR Andre' Maloney defeating Hutchinson 19-14
2013   4-5 - Passing of SMW Football student-athlete Andre' Maloney 
2014   6-5 - Lost to SM East in week-11
2015   7-3 - Lost to Blue Valley in week-10
*2016   6-4 - Lost to BV North in week-10  
*2017   0-9 - First winless season since opening year in 1962 (opening year of school/team.) 
*2018   0-0 - 

2018 SFL Schedule - Tim Callaghan (103-54+)
8-30 - SM Northwest - 5-3 since 2010. Lost 35-14 in 2017 week-5 game
9-7 - @ SM South - The Raiders ended a 13 game losing streak to TC in 2017
9-14 - Olathe North - 1-1 in 2016 & 2017; DNP from 2013 to 2015
9-21 - @ Free State - 2-2 in last 4 games played. Lost in week-1 56-9 in 2017
9-28 - Olathe West - First meeting in school history
10-5 - @ Olathe East - DNP in 2016 & 2017
10-12 - SM North - TC has won 11 straight from 2004-2006 and 2008 to 2015 
10-19 - @ GET - First meeting in school history

Monday, April 30, 2018

SM South Raiders Decade in Review

SM South Raiders Football

Entering 2018

Brandon Claypool (10-36)  
2010  2-7 - Lost to SM East in week-9; becomes AC at SM West for Tim Callaghan  
Ryan Lonergan (13-24)
2011  2-7 - Lost to SM East in week-9 
2012  4-5 - Lost to Olathe East in week-9  
2013  4-5 - Lost to Olathe East in week-9 
2014  3-7 - Lost to BV Tigers in week-10; becomes AC at SM West for Tim Callaghan 
Brett Oberzan (4-23+)
2015  1-8 - Defeats SM Northwest in week-9 to end 10 game losing streak
*2016  0-9 - First winless season in the history of the Raiders Football program
*2017  3-6 - 2 back-to-back losses to the ONW Ravens in weeks 8 and 9. 17th losing season.   
*2018  0-0 -  

2018 SFL Schedule - Brett Oberzan (4-23+)
8-31 - @ SM North - 5-3 since 2010 vs. the Indians
9-7 - SM West - Ended 20 game losing streak to the Vikings in 2017 dating back to 1997
9-13 - Lansing - First ever meeting in school history
9-21 - Olathe South - Last win against the Falcons game in 2002
9-27 - @ SM East - Have not played in last two seasons after 50 consecutive games 1966 to 2015
10-5 - Lawrence - First meeting against former High School as alumni for Brett Oberzan
10-12 - @ Olathe NW - In 8 meetings the Raiders are 0-8, they are also 0-20 against Olathe East 
10-19 - SM Northwest - The Raiders are 5-4 since 2010; Won 4 straight from 2011 to 2015

Saturday, April 21, 2018

SM Northwest Cougars Decade in Review

SM Northwest Cougars Football

Entering 2018

Aaron Barnett (35-25)  
2010  6-5 - Lost to Olathe East in week-11
2011  4-6 - Lost to SM East in week-10  
Linn Hibbs (7-21)
2012  2-7 - Lost to SM West in week-9 
2013  3-7 - Lost to Free State in week-10
2014  2-7 - Resigns from SMNW and returns to Kansas small class High School Football 
Bo Black (6-21+)
2015  1-8 - Lost to SM South in week-9 
*2016  1-8 - Lost to SM East in week-9
*2017  4-5 - Lost to Olathe South in week-9 and finished 3-1 vs. the SMSD-4 opponents
*2018  0-0 - x

2018 SFL Schedule - Bo Black (6-21+)
8-31 - @ SM West - Losses in 14-15-16; Won in 10-13-17
9-7 - @ Leavenworth - First time NW has faced the Pioneers as non-conference foes
9-14 - @ Olathe South - Last Win against the Falcons came in 2007 
9-21 - SM East - The Lancers have won 11 straight against the Cougars 
9-28 - @ Lawrence - From 2012 to 2017 lost 6 straight games
10-5 - Olathe NW - Lost in 2015; DNP in 2016 & 2017
10-12 - GET - First meeting in school history 
10-19 - @ SM South - Lost 5 straight from 2011 to 2015; Won in 2016 & 2017 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

SM North Indians Decade in Review

SM North Indians Football 

Entering 2018

USMC Dennis Grayless (4-24)  
2010  2-8 - Loss to Olathe North in week-10 
2011  2-7 - Loss to Leavenworth in week-9 
2012  0-9 - Loss to SM East in week-9    
Don Simmons (0-9)
2013  0-9 - Leaves SMN abruptly, for similar position in Arkansas High School Athletics
@ Ben Bartlett 
2014  2-8 - Loss to Olathe North in week-10
2015  3-7 - Loss to Lawrence in week-10
*2016  6-5 - SR QB Will Schneider leads Indians to unprecedented season with huge playoff wins
*2017  1-8 - Loss of Will Schneider hurts program trying to rebuild, and wanting to retool/prove  
Zach Rampy (0-0+)
*2018  0-0 - First year   

2018 SFL Schedule - Zach Rampy (0-0+)
8-31 - SM South - First meeting vs. SMS as HC
9-7 - @ Olathe North - First win in playoff history in 2016. DNP in 2017. 
9-14 - Free State - DNP in 14-15-16-17
9-21 - @ Olathe West - First meeting in school history 
9-28 - Olathe East - Indians last win against the Hawks in week-6 in the 2000 season
10-5 - @ GET - First meeting in school history
10-12 - @ SM West - Indians have not defeated SMW since 2004 
10-19 - Leavenworth - First time meeting as non-conference foes. Formerly SFL 1981-2017.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

SM East Lancers Decade in Review

SM East Lancer Football 

Entering 2018

Chip Sherman (26-15) 
2010   8-2 - Ended 20 game losing streak against SMSD-West Vikings since 1992 season 
2011   7-4 - Won first playoff game since the Todd Dain (Principal at SM South) era 2000-2002 
2012   7-3 - Fell short in Round-1 to the OSF 
Dustin Delaney (52-8)
2013 11-2 - 2nd in 6A lost to the Derby Panthers
2014 13-0 - Defeated the Hutchinson SaltHawks - 1st ever 6A Football Title
2015   9-2 - lost to Olathe North in week-11
*2016 10-2 - lost to Eric Driskell's BV Tigers in the Sub-State Final 
*2017   9-2 - lost to eventual and first time 6A State Champions BV North Mustangs
Fred Bouchard (0-0+)
*2018 0-0

2018 SFL Schedule - Fred Bouchard (0-0+)
8-31 - GET - First meeting for SME as a SFL match up; GET is 0-4 vs. the Lancers
9-7 - @ Lawrence - The Lancers have won 5 straight since the 2013 season 
9-13 - Olathe NW - Won 2 games in 2013 & 2017; DNP from 2014 to 2016
9-21 - @ SM Northwest - SME has won 11 in a row since the 2009 season 
9-27 - SM South - First time meeting after a two year hiatus; SME is 9-1 in last 10 games played
10-5 - @ Olathe North - 6-1 in last 7 games played. Lost at ODAC in 2015 week-10 game
10-12 - Free State - The Firebirds are 2-1 in last 3 games played; 6-8 all-time in 14 games  
10-19 - @ Olathe West - First ever meeting vs. the Owls of Olathe West

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Olathe West Owls Decade in Review

Olathe West Owls Football

Entering 2018

TJ O'Neill (0-0+) 
*2018   0-0 - Officially first year as a Varsity Football program/team - Compete at 5A in 2018 & 2019 in all sports, and the 5A-East Bracket. The school will be in it's second overall year in existence, led by Principal Jay Novacek (ST Aquinas alumni; Previously of Olathe South-Northwest), and AD Pat Butler (SM South Football alumni.) 

* = Current playoff system. School was not open, nor competed in District playoffs of old KSHSAA format. 

2018 SFL Schedule - TJ O'Neill
8-31 - Free State - First meeting in school history; LFS similar beginnings in 1997-1998 season
9-7 - @ GET - First meeting in school history
9-14 - @ Olathe East - First meeting in school history 
9-21 - SM North - First meeting in school history
9-28 - @ SM West - First meeting in school history
10-5 - Turner - First meeting in school history
10-11 - @ Olathe South - First meeting in school history  
10-19 - SM East - First meeting in school history

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Olathe South Decade in Review

Olathe South Falcons Football 

Entering 2018

Jeff Gourley (44-35) 
2010   7-4 - Lost to Olathe North in week-11 17-0 
2011 12-1 - 6A State Champions defeating Wichita-Heights 41-37
2012   5-4 - Lost in week-9 to Olathe North 21-14
2013   5-4 - Lost in week-9 to Olathe North 28-0
2014   7-3 - Lost in week-10 to SM West 26-20
2015   1-8 - Retires from Head Coaching position after 8 seasons with the Falcons.  
Craig Lewis (8-12+)
*2016   4-6 - Lost to Blue Valley in week-10 49-35
*2017   4-6 - Lost to Blue Valley in week-10 38-21
*2018   0-0 - x

2018 SFL Schedule - Craig Lewis (8-12+) 
8-30 - Lawrence - Since 2010 4-4 in 8 games played; lost 3 straight in 15-16-17
9-7 - @ Olathe NW - Lost in 2015; 2004 to 2013 won 11 straight games 
9-14 - SM Northwest - First ever playoff meeting in 2017; 
9-21 - @ SM South - 8-2 in last 10 games vs. the Raiders. First meeting for Craig Lewis
9-28 - Olathe North - 5-25 historically vs. the Eagles. OS is 1-9 in last 10 games played 
10-5 - @ Free State - Last W against the Firebirds was in 2012 week-3
10-11 - Olathe West - First ever meeting in school history   
10-19 - @ Olathe East - Series is tied 15-15 all-time in 30 games played; 3-1 in last 4 games 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Olathe East Hawks Decade in Review

Olathe East Hawks Football

Entering 2018

Jeff Meyers (162-75)  
2010  10-2 - Loss in State SQ/week-12 to Olathe North 13-6
2011  8-4 - Loss to Olathe South in week-12 38-21  
2012  6-5 - Loss to Free State in week-11 28-17   
2013  7-4 - Loss to SM East in week-11 20-13 
2014  3-6 - Resigns from Olathe East after 23 seasons as only Head Coach, currently AC for the William Chrisman Bears of the Suburban League 2015-Present.   
Jesse Owen (11-17+)
2015  3-6 - Loss to Lawrence in week-9 47-8
2016  3-6 - Loss to Olathe South in week-9 35-14
2017  5-5 - Loss to Blue Valley North in week-10 48-30 
2018  0-0 - x 

2018 SFL Schedule - Jesse Owen (11-17+) 
8-31 - Olathe North - 1-1 (500) vs. alma mater
9-7 - @ Free State - Losses in 16 & 17; DNP in 2015 
9-14 - Olathe West - First meeting in school history. Last time did the same against ONW in 2004
9-21 - @ GET - First meeting since 2013 now as a league game instead of week 7-9 District game
9-28 - @ SM North - Last played against SM North in 2015  
10-4 - SM West - Last played against SM West in 2015
10-12 - Pittsburg - First ever meeting in school history   
10-19 - Olathe South - Series is tied 15-15 all-time after 30 games beginning in 1992