Sunday, November 26, 2017

SFL End-of-Season Recap Part 1

Worst Overall Year?

While saying the league fell into a dark pit of despair this year would be considered a stretch; it's undeniable that disappointment was the main result for each team from top to bottom. Not only did the team endure another abysmal year against the Suburban League that might deter AD's from approving such a setup in the future, but the league managed to make history by not having a single team reach the Sub-State round of the playoffs since Class 6A was formed.

The worst part is how badly the East side was whooped. The Firebirds may have been victim to the back-to-back state champs and fell valiantly in overtime, but the next two teams in the league fell in spectacularly embarrassing fashion to a couple of slightly above-average EKL teams that likely wouldn't have passed the second round of the 5A playoffs. We can at least say that one of the EKL teams won State against powerhouse Derby, showing that they weren't there by a fluke.

On top of the sub-par results to end the season, the league is also seeing the departure of three of the more respected head coaches it had to offer, with Dustin Delaney, Chip Sherman and Dirk Wedd all resigning. We'll have to see how these teams
adapt as SM East tries to maintain its momentum and Lawrence still
struggles to reach the same level of its glory days.

Teams-to-Watch for 2018

ohhh nooo...
Olathe North - The Eagles struggled with their identity in the first half of 2017 and paid for it before finding a good combo with RB's Daymonn Sanchez and Arland Bruce IV. With both players turning along with another year in the system for QB Zac Krause, the Eagle offense should be a team to look out for next year. We'll have to see if the defense can progress, but they will be returning SS Devon Stoker and OLB Justin Earls.

Lawrence Free State - Considering how well the team did this year, it should be automatic that the Firebirds will enter 2018 with both high expectations and perhaps a good bit of urgency. RB Jax Dineen will have one more season to try and carry his team to a title game appearance and we'll have to see if the rest of the team is able to keep up.

Olathe West - Expectations aren't necessarily high as the Owls enter their first full varsity season, but the JV squad finished 7-0 while also playing Junction City in their first varsity game. While winning a state title is a little above realistic, it'll at least be fun to see both how the team performs and their somewhat terrifying mascot.

End-Season Power Rankings

1. Lawrence Free State (10-1) - It must be frustrating for Free State fans seeing their team miss the state championship after another incredible season... but at least THIS time around, the Firebirds actually looked like the best team the league had to offer. They also get to keep their main playmaker with Jax Dineen returning for his senior year, which should prove exciting for next season.

Photo by LJWorld

2. Shawnee Mission East (9-2) - The loss of HC Dustin Delaney is going to hurt, both presently and perhaps for years to come. The Lancers have never been as successful in their entire history than they were under Delaney. Here's hoping his successor is able to keep up the momentum.

3. Olathe North (7-4) - You can put the Eagles getting this spot on SM East, who's miraculous 35-point loss to a team that didn't have a winning record going into the playoffs is the pinnacle of how awful the 2017 post-season was. That said, a 48-21 loss isn't much better. Both teams get this spot, but neither really deserve it.

4. Olathe East (5-5) - East came the closest to almost beating Blue Valley North, going so far as to even lead at a point. That said, the Hawks are still three years into HC Jesse Owens' tenure without a winning season, though they showed much more progress this time around.

5. Lawrence High (5-5) - A seemingly strong start to the season masked a Lawrence team that could never keep momentum flowing as they failed to string more than two wins together. The team capped off by struggling against one of the worst teams in the EKL and going from a 4-2 record to 5-5 after being dismantled by Olathe North in Dirk Wedd's final game at the helm.

6. Olathe South (4-6) - There wasn't much progress for the Falcons this year as the team got another 4-win season in the books. They'll have to find not only a replacement for QB Nick Jouret, but they will also need at least one more playmaker to help an offense that struggled to score until they faced the porous Shawnee Mission defenses.

7. SM Northwest (4-5) - This team wasn't able to escape the first round like some teams listed below them, but their three-game improvement was very nice to see. The Cougars not only crawled themselves out of the bottom two teams in the league, but added a win over an average Grandview (4-6) team.

8. Olathe Northwest (4-6) - Rounding out the Olathe schools, ONW benefited from playing a mediocre SM South team two weeks in a row. The loss of HC Chip Sherman will hurt, but aside from a 6-3 record in 2015 (best in school history), there wasn't much progress seen compared to what Northwest admins probably hoped for. The team at least returns RB/LB Andrew Dumas, who earned First-Team SFL honors.

9. SM South (3-6) - It took a lot of effort for the Raiders to crawl out of the basement with victories over rivals SM North/West, but a team with 10 Seniors listed on the roster tends to struggle regardless of effort. That said, SM South overcame the numbers issue and got a three-game improvement to provide hope for the next year of rebuilding.

10. Leavenworth (3-6) - Hey, it's Leavenworth. It's hard to believe a third season has passed since the teams first winning season in perhaps ever, but 2017's 3-6 squad came closer to that mark than either of the past two years. With the team's departure for a brand new league, the Pioneers can hope to have more success against different competition.

11. SM North (1-8) - Well, we got a big, juicy sample of life at SM North without Will Schneider and it wasn't pretty. They at least got a non-conference win over Lansing (2-7), but the team never scored more than 14-points after that victory.

12. SM West (0-9) - Trying to find positives for the last team on these lists is always difficult. The Vikings were bad out the gate and really only competed against Leavenworth and Lawrence. Outside of that, the team fell victim to blowout after blowout.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Kansas Finals Updates - State Finals

Congratulations to the BV North Mustangs, Bishop Carroll Eagles, and Bishop Miege Stags on their Kansas State Championships on this great Saturday of week-13 Football! 

6A) West vs. East

Derby Panthers 42 vs. BV North Mustangs 49 - Final - 6A State Champions BV North Mustangs

5A) West vs. East

Bishop Carroll Eagles 38 vs. ST Aquinas 28 - Final - Bishop Carroll Eagles 5A State Champions

4A-1) West vs. East

Bishop Miege Stags 47 vs. Andale 7 - 4Q - Bishop Miege Stags 4A-1 State Champions 

3A) West vs. East

Sabetha Blue Jays 7 vs. Marysville 6 - Final - Sabetha 3A State Champions

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

SFL Post-Season Honors - 2017

I apologize to all of our readers in advance for the late posting. 

Below is the released listing of the All-Sunflower League First, Second, and Honorable Mention for all of our student-athletes competing this fall 2017 season. 

SR - Milton Braasch III - SM East
SR - Dante Jackson - Lawrence

Coach of the Year
Bob Lisher - Free State

First Team
LAW (5) - Ekow Boye-Doe, Kristian Russell, Dante Jackson* & Jalen Dudley

LFS (9) - Kwinton Lassiter, Nathan Lane, Spencer Roe, David Johnson, Gage Foster, Gabe Clark, Jalen Robinson, Jack Rittman & Jax Dinneen

LVP (0) - N/A

OEH (3) - Cameron Mitchel-Johnson, Henry Carranza & TyJuan Lewis

ONE (2) - Jevon Parrish & Eric Dooley

ONW (3) - Seth Zegunis, Drew Dumas, & Jack Parks

OSF (1) - Jamison Phelps

SME (5) - PJ Spencer, Parker Willis, Tyler Stottle, Justin Finnegan & Milton Braasch III

SMN (0) - N/A

SNW (2) - Travis Morrison & Hayden Goodpaster

SMS (0) - N/A

SMW (0) - N/A

Second Team
LAW (3) - Dante Jackson, Hunter Krom & Ekow Boye-Doe

LFS (5) - Keenan Garber*, Kameron Lake, Turner Corcoran, Jack Theisen 

LVP (2) - Gabe Casmus & Andrew Ativie

OEH (4) - Camron Mitchel-Johns, Ryan Brockschmidt, Hunter Thomas & Trevon Kearney

ONE (2) Drew Rediger & Jordan Dubin

ONW (0) - N/A

OSF (4) - Jamison Phelps, JJ Neal, Adrian Garcia & Brandon Trieu

SME (4) Isaiah Wright, Cooper Walton, Clarence Miller & Milton Braasch III

SMN (1) - Talbot Ebberts

SNW (1) John Hanneman

SMS (2) Hunter Carpenter & Tony Dumas

SMW (2) Dante Smith-Posey & Kirby Grigsby
* = 2 positions

Honorable Mention

LAW (9) - Harrison King, Relle Dye, EJ Newsome, Ross Brungardt, Caleb Mondi, Bailey Greer, Bryce Tipke, Jacob Mills & Nick Englebert

LFS (11) - Gabe del Valle, Malik Berry, Vanni Martinez, Lovette Epelle, Bo Miller, Jalen Nash, Ben Holiday, Shane Skwarlo, Gage Foster, Jordan Preston & Jake Rittman

LVP (8) Brandice Lewis, Devin Johnson, Etena Tuiviati, Cody Herrell, Hayes Edwards, Seth Drennan, Truman Thomas & Seth Johnson

OEH (14) - James Gooms, Ray Lewis, Xavior Green, Josh Jamison, Nate Matlack, Specer Grosz, Connor McCartney, Dwan Washington, Lane Warczakoski, Conner Smith, Josh Heibl, Logan Cole, Cade Wilson, Hezekiah Newman

ONE (7) - Devin Stoker, Anthony Crawford, Jacob Large, Ryan Huck, Mario Schneider, Daymonn Sanchez, & Arland Bruce

ONW (9) - Jackson Butler, Nick Hegarty, Jack England, Cole Manning, Sterling Swinford, Trevor Adam, Brayden Koch, Jon Bowman, & Joe Hatzfield  

OSF (8) - Jai Haynes, Jake Worley, Kolby Murphy, Kevin Burdette, Hunter Vick, Nick Jouret, Romin Merritt, Tyler Cavil

SME (11) - Rashaun Burner, Zach Yeo, Ashton Andino, Justin Schuman, Spencer Glaeser, Brett Moulin, Dan Scott, Milton Braasch III, Andy Maddox, Cole Machovsky & Harrison Gooley

SMN (8) - Zach Bush, Oscar Aquilar, Alex Taylor, Brandon Ammons, Tanner Willmon, Reese Sila, Nate McCoy, & Noah Laird
SNW (7) - BJ Harvey, Austin White, Reid Stimach, Jack Merritt, Edward Guinn, Spencer Stewart, & Caleb Addington.

SMS (7) - Andrew Crawford, Sam Macklin, Ben Turla, Nolan Thimmesch, Jack Roberts, Hunter Carpenter, & Austin Conner

SMW (11) - Sebastian Garcia, Will Humphreys, Byron Sherwin, Terrion Brewer, Reggie Edwards, Mason Wyatt, Treyvon Gilyard, Byron Sherwin, Mark Tines, Branson Billinger & Wesley Clark

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

6A Kansas State Final Preview


4) Blue Valley North Mustangs vs 5) Derby Panthers (First meeting, series 0-0)

Emporia - Welch Stadium
Emporia State University
18th & Merchant, Emporia, KS 66801

We have all heard the saying "There is a first for everything."

Saturday is that day. Recently this has happened quite a bit for the 6A-East more than the 6A-West Football programs across the state.

Four weeks later and 30 teams now eliminated the Mustangs of Blue Valley North will make their first ever appearance in the 6A State Final versus the Derby Panthers.

The Derby Panthers under Brandon Clark, in his 11th season as Head Coach comes in with an overall record of of 11-1, with his only loss on the road to a hot Goddard Lions Football program. Following that loss, a 10-game winning streak took place, and to include a defeat against a favored Free State Firebirds in week-11.

Since the arrival of Brandon Clark to the Panthers gridiron, his program has amassed a total record of 104-25 overall, 26-6-32 playoff record with 6A State Titles in: 2013-SM East, and 2015-2016 vs. the Blue Valley Tigers of the historic Eric Driskell era. In 2008 and 2012, the Panthers fell just short in the Sub-state Final. Prior to coming to Derby, the Panthers had a multitude of Coaching changes after legendary Tom Young retired

This week however, the Blue Valley North Mustangs will bring all of south Overland Park, KS with them to Emporia led by fourth year Head Coach Andy Sims.

Andy Sims arrived to BV North in 2014, coming from one season as an Assistant Coach with the Leavenworth Pioneers, and prior to that, a three year stint as the Head Coach with the Excelsior Springs Tigers. Unlike his fellow and future colleagues in the EKL who have had stellar careers within the confines of Johnson County, he was inheriting a program that finished off it's second 0-9 season two of three years and a record of 1-26 from 2011 to 2013. Of any of the five BVSD #229 Football programs, none had sunk lower than the Mustangs.

Four years later, and with great leadership by QB Graham Mertz leading the way, the pass-happy and hungry attack could force the hand of the Panthers defense. As of late, the Panthers have given up 49-Free State, and 41-W-Northwest points respectively in their last two games. Stopping Mertz could be a problem from the start but expect the best from Derby to come prepared as the young and inexperienced Mustangs could show some ups and downs throughout the game.

A word of advice to the Mustangs faithful. Win or lose, enjoy this day from start to finish because it is something special to be part of. For all Mustangs alumni and current students, cherish moments like this in a rare environment that not all schools are fortunate to say that they have found themselves in. This day will provide stories for years to come and a lifetimes worth of memories!

Good luck BV North Mustangs!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Breaking: Change at Gardner-Edgerton

Long time Trailblazer is out. 

A big-class and legendary Kansas High School Football Coach has retired from the Coaching ranks this past week. 

Marvin Diener, who is now the fourth Head Coach to retire/resign from the 13 Sunflower League Football programs. This exit comes on the heels of Dustin Delaney resigning from SM East, Chip Sherman at Olathe Northwest, and long-time Chesty Lion Dirk Wedd

To give you a little back round on Marvin Diener, he is responsible for putting two High Schools on the Kansas Football map. For 19 seasons, Marvin Diener led the Salina Central Mustangs with an incredible record of: 170W-42L over that time. His Mustangs were 5A State Champions in 93-99-01-02-2005 in his final season before moving east to the Kansas City area and Johnson County. 

For the last 12 seasons, Marvin Diener, has brought the Trailblazers from the depths of the unknowns on a Football schedule to a perennial powerhouse. In that time, his work has allowed him and the GET Administration to move up from the Frontier League, Eastern Kansas, and now the Sunflower League. Overall, his record with the Trailblazers is 73-52 in 125 games coached. 

During the last couple years of time in the Frontier League and first two seasons of EKL play, we (all of Kansas City and Gardner-Edgerton) were fortunate to get the chance to see current Kansas City Royals farm product Bubba Starling. During the Starling era of Trailblazers Football lore, the 2010 season the QB led the Tralblazers in a huge week-9 win against the Blue Valley Tigers and Eric Driskell in his first season as Head Coach of the Tigers. That night the Tigers were spanked 42-21. 

A few weeks later in the same 2010 season, the Tigers and Trailblazers met again in the east semi-final hosting Gardner-Edgerton this time around and won a close game 45-42 ending the Bubba Starling Football career. 

Trailblazers Breakdown
2006-2009 at Frontier League = 34-11
2010-2017 at Eastern Kansas = 39-42
2018-Future Sunflower League = 0-0 

You could easily add many caveats as to why Gardner-Edgerton is where they are today in any scenario they put themselves in to. This Football program although down these last few years is gaining strength and popularity quickly in their work on the field. Most notably in the last couple seasons, the Trailblazers offense has found a way to keep the SM East Lancers defense on their toes. While struggling with losses of kids to graduation and injuries, anything is bound to happen from one season to the next. 

Congratulations to Marvin Diener on a great teaching and coaching career! Your impact on the game of Kansas High School Football will be missed but will last a life time for future teachers-coaches and former student-athletes to follow in your footsteps. 

There is no doubt the Trailblazers will raise again in the seasons ahead as they begin their new trek on the gridiron within the Sunflower League starting in 2018. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

6A East & Week-12 Playoff Preview

Sub-State Finals

6A - East

2) Blue Valley vs 4) Blue Valley North (BVT leads the series 25-7) @ Blue Valley
* Tigers and Mustangs. These two are no strangers to each other, as they have both found themselves the remaining of a 6A-East bracket consisting of 90% Sunflower League, 9% Eastern Kansas, and 1% consisting of KC-Atchison Wyandotte Bulldogs.

Throughout time (1987 to be exact) the Tigers and Mustangs have met yearly in EKL battles. This is essentially the tale of two Blue Valley's while one has maintained constant stability and a traditionally long and great playoff history, the other has found itself going through multiple Coaching changes and minimal success, spotty at best.

Only for the second time in these two Football programs entire history have they ever met in the regular season and post-season to include 2016, with the Tigers sweeping the Mustangs. At no other time, in Tigers, and Mustangs series history, has this ever been accomplished.

That said, these latter rounds are what upset's are all about. The Tigers, have played in many State Final's, the Mustangs will bring some un-hearalded talent that could cause some problems for the Tigers. For the Mustangs, a road win, in a tough environment will need to make every quarter count from the start.

For those inquisitive minds asking for a little more back round, here are some incredible numbers:

BV Tigers vs. BV North - Overall Record
1987-2009 (23) Steve Rampy - 17-6 in 23 games played - never met the Mustangs in playoffs
2010-2016 (7) @ Eric Driskell - 6-1 in 7 games played - 1-0 vs. Mustangs in playoffs
2017-Present (1+) Allen Terrill - 1-0 - 1 game played including 2017 State playoffs

BV North vs. BV Tigers - Overall Record
1987-1988 (2) Bob Whitehead 0-2
1989-1994 (6) Tim Burkendine 1-5
1995-1996 (2) Bob Lisher 1-1 - Only Free State Firebirds Head Coach in school history
1997-2001 (5) Don Simmons 3-2 - only Mustang Coach with a winning record vs. BVT
2002-2004 (3) Troy Morris 1-2
2005-2010 (6) Jason Jones 0-6
2011-2013 (3) John McCall 0-3
2014-2017 (3+) Andy Sims 1-3+ Second meeting ever in post-season play in week-12

6A - West

5) Derby vs 2) Wichita Northwest (DER leads the series 2-0) (2010-2017) @ Wichita-NW 
* The Derby Panthers and Northwest Grizzlies although close in proximity by geographical standards and outskirts of Wichita Kansas have rarely been found together on the gridiron unless meeting in Basketball season which probably happens regularly.

These two hail from the AVCTL, and the "City League" the GWAL (Greater Wichita Athletic League).

There is no doubt Derby Coach Brandon Clark will have his Panthers ready and waiting for a very powerful W-NW Grizzlies program led by Steve Martin. The Grizzlies are a bright spot of the City League Football programs amongst them all consistently within the top 3 in the last handful of seasons.

A rare match up like this will be a great challenge for the Panthers, and it will be a great game for the Grizzlies to make a statement in hopes of reaching a State Final game, and knocking off the powerhouse Panthers.

Monday, November 13, 2017

BREAKING: SM East' Delaney Steps Down

This morning in Prairie Village, KS, SM East Lancers Football Coach Dustin Delaney informed his team and the school's Administration of his resignation. 

Per  SMPost's Jay Senter SME '98 , Delaney cited issues with district athletic directors as one of the primary reasons for his resignation, which was initially tendered before the season but  wasn't announced until after the team had been knocked out of the playoffs.

In what is perhaps the greatest decade ever in over sixty years of Lancer football the accomplishments of Dustin Delaney's Lancers has been nothing short of spectacular. 

Coming from Emporia after the 2012 season, his first season in 2013 brought the Lancers their first ever trip to the 6A State Championship game. Those Lancers finished 11-2 in their first season, and followed up with an outright 6A State Championship Title the following year in 2014 at 13-0. Those Lancers went on to defeat the Hutchinson Salthawks of which Dustin Delaney spent four years under current ST Aquinas Head Coach Randy Dreiling before taking his first job as a Head Coach for the Emporia Spartans. 

Prior to coming to SM East, the Emporia Spartans were 24-10 with Delaney at the helm from 2010 to 2012. In that time, the Spartans, much like his Lancers had reclaimed credibility amongst their Centennial and 5A foes. 

Year - Overall under Dustin Delaney
2013 11-2 - 11-2 - 3-16A Runner Up to Derby Panthers
2014 13-0 - 24-2 - 4-06A State Champions defeating Hutchinson SaltHawks
2015   9-2 - 33-3 - 1-1
2016 10-2 - 43-6 - 3-1
2017   9-2 - 52-8 - 2-1 at 13-4 Football Post-season at SM East

The resignation of Delaney, comes on the heels of Chip Sherman leaving Olathe Northwest after five seasons and Lawrence High Head Coach Dirk Wedd retiring after 19 years with the Lions. 

All three Head Coaches have accomplished incredible records for their respected High Schools of which they have been part of. 

There is no doubt that Dustin Delaney has left a great legacy within the hallways of SM East and the City of Prairie Village, KS. His steps will be hard to follow, but the support you will get from the community will be abundant in support for the future of SM East Football. 

Thank you for all of the hard work you and your Coaching staff, student-athletes, team managers and SM East Faculty who actively are involved with Lancer Football have accomplished over the last five years. It will be not be forgotten, and Lancer Football has once again become relevant for your investment of teaching and coaching the game of Football and promoting sportsmanship from within the program. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

BREAKING: ONW Football Change at the Top

Chip Sherman resign's from Olathe Northwest Raven's

This week, the Olathe Northwest Raven's have become the first Sunflower League Football program to start the search for a new Head Football Coach. 

After five seasons of play, the Raven's under Chip Sherman finished 21-25 in 46 games played, with a .456 W% from 2013 to 2017. Prior to joining the Raven's Chip Sherman was the Head Coach for the SM East Lancers of Prairie Village, KS from 2009 to 2012. The accomplishments that his Lancers achieved prior to the arrival of Dustin Delaney have been nothing short of spectacular and to say the least, unexpected by many. 

Coach Chip Sherman's Kansas City Football lore alone, could take up column, after column, in local news outlets but that is okay. 

I have to admit, that I was not quite sure what to expect when I first encountered Chip Sherman in the summer of 2009 at Indian Hill Middle School of the SMSD. With the current SM East Weight room  undergoing a massive remodeling, the Lancers were forced to work out in the IHMS cafeteria. After returning from a family vacation in the Ozarks, a friend notified me that Chip Sherman was coming to SM East and I had to take the opportunity to meet him. The day I showed up to meet him, he was, like myself a pleasure to get to meet from the start and we kicked off a great relationship of Football talk and more. 

Having been an outsider to the SFL despite living in Platte County, MO, he did not really have much of an SM East Football backround to go by. Fortunately, I was able to provide him an insight as to what the program currently was, and the comings and goings of past, and present staffs and records. Needless to say, he took it to heart, and found the research to be very profound in a changing of the guard of the Lancer Football program. His impact since that 2010 to 2017 season is seen today, though all of his former Lancers are now in college or soon to be graduating in the semesters ahead.   

In many of our talks, on and off the record, his impact on students, and student-athletes from every school he has taught, and coached at has left an impression on too many to count. It is something that no student will ever forget.  

During his tenure with the Platte County Pirates from 1988 to 2007, his Pirates won three back-to-back-to-back State Titles from 2000 to 2002. His son was a player of his during his time with the Pirates and he too, is now in the high school coaching ranks. Sherman's final totals at Platte County, Salina South, SM East and Olathe Northwest read as follows: 

Chip Sherman's overall record is 246W-80L-326 GC-754 W%

Platte County Pirates
1988-2007 (20) 191W-37L - Overall
1988-2007 at 19W-9L - MO State Playoffs
League Champions multiple times over with KCI & Midland Empire

Salina South Cougars
2008 8-3 Regular Season, 1-1 in 5A State Playoffs

SM East Lancers 
2009-2012 (4) 26W-15L - Overall
2009-2012 - 1-4 in 6A State Playoffs

Olathe Northwest Ravens
2013-2017 (5) 21W-25L - Overall 
2013-2017 - 1-2 in 6A State Playoffs and 1st playoff win ever in Ravens Football History


Thank you for allowing me to become a small part of your life and your many accomplishments in and outside of the classroom. You have become a confidant, and friend throughout this great run in the Kansas 6A/Sunflower League. I hope that the student-athletes, parents, teacher-colleagues, Administrators that have become a part of your life will be thankful for the impact you have made of the young men walking the hallways of their local High Schools. The Kansas City Meto-area is fortunate to call you one of our own. 


Monday, November 6, 2017

6A East & Week-11 Playoff Preview


1) SME vs. 4) BVN (BVN leads the series 8-4) @ SM North
* These two great Johnson County schools are mostly known for facing off with each other in the 6A State Tennis, Golf, and Swim & Dive Finals in those Varsity sports and trading State Title runs for years at a time. 

However, this is a different story, as the Mustangs and Lancers will meet on the gridiron for a rare meeting. The last time these two met was in 2011, under very different circumstances for both programs. An upstart Lancers beginning the start of an incredible eight year run, and a downtrodden Mustangs searching for a new Football identity. Coach Andy Sims is up for the challenge, as the pass happy Mustangs will the Lancers defensive secondary off course. This could be a very high scoring game depending on how both teams prepare and take care of the ball. 

2) BVT vs. 3) ONE (ONE leads the series 4-3) @ Blue Valley 
* In perhaps one of the biggest games, all four of these are, locally, the Football atmosphere at Blue Valley High School will be rocking! 

For any one time that these two have met or played since the 2004 season, five of the seven games have been in the 6A playoffs this will be a tale of two Football powerhouses. Like ODAC, Blue Valley Football stadium too is an intense place to play, and even harder to win at on the road. Both the Tigers, and Eagles will take their playoff experiences to another level from the start. 


1) LFS vs. 5) DER (Derby leads the series 2-0) @ Free State
* In recent seasons (2015 and 2016) the Derby Panthers have appeared to be a thorn in the Firebirds side for a possible return to the 6A Final in the west. Of the four games to get to the State's Final Four, this will by far be the game of the week! The hype in addition to the great student-athletes that you will see on the field are going to be worth the wait as the anticipation towards game day arrives. 

2) WNW vs. 6) GAR (leads the series since 2010) @ Wichita - Northwest
* Here on the eastern side of the state, exposure to the western 6A's are few and far between. Unfortunately without a major back round of the two schools, starting in 2010 is the best available information found. 

Wichita-NW led by Steve Martin is 3-2 in the last five games against the Garden City Buffaloes and long time Coach Brian Hill. This will be a rematch from a week-6 game in which the Grizzlies came away the winner. The 8-2 Buffaloes will not be any pushover at the sixth seed.