Monday, October 16, 2017

Week-8/2017 Game Previews


SM East vs SM West (SMW leads the series 38-15) @ SM North
* While many, if not all local media outlets believe this to be a "rivalry" it is far from it. On a historic run in the 70s, and 80s, the Vikings went on an 18-2 run with Dick Purdy and Harold Wambsgans leading the way. That run again continued under Tim Callaghan until the 2010 season. From 1996 and again until 2003 the Vikings won 13 straight under three different Coaches (Shelton, Krug, and Callaghan.) The tides have seemingly made an abrupt 180d turn when Chip Sherman, and now Dustin Delaney have taken the reigns of the Lancer Football program. This game should be a lot of fun, as the Lancer Defense is once again hoping for a strong game against the Vikings offense. 3 of the 5 games have resulted in shutouts for the Lancers.


Lawrence vs Free State (LFS leads the series 13-7) @ Lawrence
* Outside of Olathe North vs Olathe South, and SM East vs SM South Football rivalry games, the City League game pitting the Chesty Lions vs. Firebirds should be nothing short of spectacular in 2017. For what will be Dirk Wedd's final game against the Firebirds the Chesty Lions have only won 2 of their 7 games this decade against a powerful Firebirds defense. This is no easy task as the roots of this rivalry have formed such a powerful following locally. For continued coverage, check out Bobby Nightengale's Lawrence Journal World write up!

Leavenworth vs Olathe East (OEH leads the series 14-0) @ CBAC
* In Mark Litrell's tenure at Olathe South, he had no trouble defeating the Pioneers of that era. While at Olathe South, he finished 6-6 in 12 games vs. the Hawks. Moving to Leavenworth a few years later after returning from Texas, his Pioneers have found a winning mentality under his leadership. While the Hawks are undefeated in 8 total meetings at ODAC against the Pioneers, this will be a great evening for the Pioneers to come away with a win as both teams are gaining seeding places for next weeks play-in/playoff game #9. This could be a huge game for the Pioneers prior to their week-9 seeding in the 5A bracket.

Olathe North vs SM Northwest (ONE leads the series 20-4) @ SM North
* The Eagles and Cougars will meet for their 25th all-time meeting at SM North. One thing to look for in this game will be the play of Cougars QB Shawn Stewart, and WR Hayden Goodpastuer to try to break up an Eagles strength defeating the Cougars defense. Olathe North has won 8 of the last 10 meetings and NW can only hope to continue this run, while the Cougars struggled on the road at CBAC last fall.

Olathe Northwest vs SM South (ONW leads the series 6-0) @ SM South
* Six games is enough if not more of a sample size of games played for these two. While the Sunflower has grown to its strength at 12 teams, these two have rarely met consecutively at any one point since 2004 when Olathe NW became a Varsity program. The Raiders have already found a way to surprise many this year, and could find a way to break this winless streak of only six games.

Olathe South vs SM North (OSF leads the series 10-6) @ ODAC
* The Falcons and Indians have met for some great meetings early on in the late 90s and early 00's. With the Indians playing exceptionally well under Ben Bartlett, the Falcons could have some problems. Since 2010, the Falcons are 3-1 in four rare meetings.

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