Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Week-7/2017 Game Previews


Lawrence vs SM East (LAW leads the series 42-12) @ SM South
* There is no question that this match up will cause a possible shaking of the top-8 in the final couple weeks of this modern day regular season play. While the Chesty Lions own the series outright, the Lancers have won four of their last five since 2010. The lone loss for SM East came in 2011, but since then domination has been full force. The Lancers Shark Defense has given up only 22 points in their last three games since 2013 against the Chesty Lions. 

Olathe North vs Olathe Northwest (ONE leads the series 9-2) @ ODAC
* A rivalry? Not so much. With the Owls now geographically closer to Olathe North will one be formed? Since the opening of the Ravens program they have struggled mightily against the Eagles from day one. 2006, and 2011 are the last times the Ravens have defeated the Eagles. This could be a toss up  on the books for sure, but this Ravens team is due for an extremely rare win at ODAC. 


Free State vs Olathe East (OEH leads the series 11-8) @ Free State
* In a huge late-season match up for the Hawks, this could be a momentum changer prior to Free State entering their week-9 game against the western 6A schools. Historically the Firebirds have struggled against the Hawks despite their eight wins. Since 2010, the Firebirds have managed a 1-3 record and a first round exit playoff loss in the 2010 season. This will probably be one of the best games of the night.

Leavenworth vs Olathe South (OSF leads the series 19-1) @ Leavenworth
* For possibly the 21st and final time the Falcons will play on the road at Leavenworth. There is no secret that all of the Olathe Four have dominated the series against the Pioneers since they joined the Sunflower in 1981. Can Mark Littrell come away with a win against his former High School prior to leaving for the United Kansas Conference?!

SM North vs SM Northwest - Hula Bowl (Series tied 23-23) @ SM North
* The Indians and Cougars will meet for their 44th all-time meeting at Larry Taylor Field. In their annual Hula-Bowl match up, most everything has gone the Cougars way in the last 10 seasons. Both schools in that time have had multiple coaching changes which have not helped, but the rivalry is stronger than ever with Ben Bartlett, and Bo Black leading the way. The Cougars have won the last 12 of the last 13 games dating back to the 2002 season.

SM South vs SM West (SMW leads the series 36-20-1) @ SM South
* The Vikings of SM West under Tim Callaghan have contributed to a run against the Raiders similar to that of the OE Hawks. In each meeting that West has had vs. the Raiders since 2004, they have come out on the losing end of the final whistle. That said, the Raiders, who have been playing far better in all of 2017 than last year could make this a struggle for the Vikings. Streaks are meant to be broken as the Vikings have won 18 straight overall since 1997, and 13 straight since 2004.

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