Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Week-5/2017 Game Previews


Lawrence vs Olathe North @ LAW (ONE leads the series 19-13) - Since 1989 
* Since the Eagles joined the SFL in 1989, the Chesty Lions, and Eagles have played in many memorable games. Coming off a very tough road loss to the Lancers, the Eagles will have to find a way to defeat the Chesty Lions. Since the 2013 season, the schools are at 2-2 apiece in the Weir2/McCartney era. Should the Eagles find a way to come away with a road win, this would boost the confidence of a great fan base prior to the last half of regular season games to play.  

Free State vs Olathe South @ ODAC (OSF leads the series 7-10)
* As the SFL has found itself growing, playing the opponents you are used to see in the previous decade at times decline. Since 2010, both teams have met in four games splitting at 2-2. From 1997 to 2008 they met in 13 straight seasons. Throughout 2013 to 2015, both teams have not faced each other from their prior stretch of mentioned game logs. This is a toss up game should the Falcons come out with a strong game. It will take everything the Falcons defense can achieve to stop a high-flying Firebirds offensive line.


Leavenworth vs Olathe Northwest @ Leavenworth (ONW leads the series 9-4)
* In what could be a clincher game of sorts for the Pioneers, a possible third win could help them a lot come 5A bracket seeding. This will be a tough task as well, Chip Sherman's Ravens have played well against the Pioneers as of late, and are 4-2 since 2010. Should the Raven's come away with a win, it will boost the team moving forward in their final regular season games.

Olathe East vs SM South @ CBAC (OEH leads the series 19-0)
* With the only modern day losing streak still alive of all 12 SFL teams, the Raiders are looking to continue their winning ways against the Hawks. All that said, for any non-Olathe team making a road trip to ODAC, or CBAC has a very tough task ahead of them trying to get a win. Even with it being the Ravens home field, the Olathe Records at CBAC are as high as ODAC against road teams. Both teams managed to get a "W" last week, and are looking to continue building up for a better bracket position as regular season games are beginning to disappear.

SM East vs SM North @ SM North (SMN leads the series 23-30-1)
* As the Lancers were thus born from the Shawnee-Mission Indians, a traditional "Nut Cup" Championship Commemorative Cup, constructed by the 1958 Lancers, and Indians, decided to bring together something both programs could swap back and fourth throughout the Football seasons, come and gone. To this day, the "Nut Cup" tradition exists entering its 60th season between both schools. Entering the nights game, the Lancers have maintained the Cup since 2008 winning 10 straight games. Tonights game will the 55th all-time meeting. Ben Bartlett and his Indians are hoping to change this course of meetings and end their current 10-game losing streak.

SM Northwest vs SM West @ SM South (SMW leads the series 34-17)
* In a rare struggle to find wins this season, the Vikings are looking to end this four-game skid. Since the 2010 season, the Vikings are 6-2 in their last eight games. The last win for the Cougars came during week-9 of the 2013 season, as the Vikings have won three in a row since then. Historically SM West' Tim Callaghan has had great success against all four of his fellow SMSD-4 opponents at the final whistle. Bo Black's Cougars are ready for a great game, and with some quality play by Stewart at QB, and Goodpasteur out wide, the Vikings could be in for a long evening under the lights.

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  1. Harmon moving to 6A I guess that means Lawrence moves to the west side of the state.