Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Week-4/2017 Game Previews

ONE 14 SME 45 - Final
SMS 35 LVP 7 - Final
LAW 00 SMW 00
LFS 00 SNW 00
OEH 00 OSF 00
ONW 00 SMN 00



Olathe North vs SM East @ SM North (ONE leads the series 17-6)
* It's no secret that the Eagles and Lancers have became somewhat of a rivalry game over the last 10 meetings. While the Eagles have dominated this series since the 80s, the Lancers have come on strong under their resurgence of play led by the Lancers Shark defense and strong offensive prowess in the last four seasons. The Lancers are 4-1 since 2013 and are looking to continue this run against Olathe North.

Leavenworth vs SM South @ SM South (SM South leads the series 20-4)
* While the Raiders have consistently dominated the series, as a team, taking a team led by Mark Littrell has been very tough to defeat overall. Despite the 5A status of the Pioneers, the Raiders should look to take advantage of this game and to end their 2016 frustrations. Maintaing possession, and few turnovers will determine who comes out with a win.


Lawrence vs SM West @ SM South (SMW leads the series 28-15)
* In one of the best competitive series of Sunflower opponents, the Chesty Lions and Vikings meet again only this time in the rehabbed SM South Stadium. For nearly a decade, the Chest Lions have struggled heavily against the Vikings, at home, and even worse on the road. The Vikings have won 8 of the last 10 games, going away and have a great chance of continuing to dominate this series of play.

Free State vs SM Northwest @Free State (LFS leads the series 9-3)
* The Firebirds and Cougars will meet for the 13th time with the Firebirds dominating in every part of the season. With the Cougars working hard the last couple years, it would be a great upset on the road for a tough schedule ahead. The Firebirds have won six straight dating back to the 2008 season.

Olathe East vs Olathe South @ ODAC (OSF leads the series 16-14)
* The Falcons lead the series overall by two games. While historically both are intra-district rivals, the Hawks are 4-6 in their last 10 games. With 2016 behind them, and at the midway point of the season, both schools are hoping for winning records.

Olathe Northwest vs SM North @ CBAC (ONW leads the series 6-2)
* With only a limited series of games played, the Raven's will have a tough game ahead of them vs. an upstart Indians Football team. The Indians motivation from last seasons with defeating an Olathe school will carry on with hopes of returning to the top of the league standings early on. This game alone can help both teams on seeding for week-9.

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