Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week-2/2017 Game Previews

LAW 69 vs SMN 31 - Final
OEH 29 vs ONE 12 - Final
OSF 21 vs ONW 7 - Final
SME 41 vs SNW 0 - Final
SMW 14 vs LVP 16 - Final
LFS 49 vs SMS 0 - Final


Lawrence vs SM North (LAW leads the series 50-21-3) @ SM North
* Once again, two of the longest tenured Sunflower schools will meet on the gridiron.

Dating back to the early 1940's these two will meet for the 75th time. Since Ben Bartlett took over four years ago, he has led the Indians to a 1-1 overall record vs. Dirk Wedd's Chesty Lions. There is no doubt, having this game at home can prove to benefit the Indians well coming off a strong 2016 season.

Free State vs SM South (LFS leads the series 7-2) @ Free State 
* With the season kicked off, the Raiders will look to bring back some experience vs. a very strong Firebirds program. Can the Raiders do the unthinkable and walk away with an upset victory? It will be hard to tell this early on, but do not count them out. With 2016 behind them, the Raiders are looking to make changes for the best each, and every week ahead.

Leavenworth vs SM West (SMW leads the series 24-3) @ SM South
* The Vikings will host the Pioneers one final time at SM South stadium. Although the Pioneers success's are few and far between, Mark Littrell is one who can change that with his knowledge of the Vikings play in hopes of an upset. Tim Callaghan is no stranger to Mark Littrell's old Falcons teams, and knows that this will be a great game from the start should the Pioneers come out with a strong offensive push.

Olathe East vs Olathe North (ONE leads the series 18-8) @ ODAC
* Can the Hawks dethrone the Eagles from the top of the nest? One will find out tonight, as the Eagles are coming off a tough non-conference loss to the Hutchinson SaltHawks. These two teams have met for many great games on the gridiron in the past, and one can only look forward to more in the future!

It will be a tough call to see how the Eagles will play as well with the Heights Falcons in their back-pocket, and an intra-district game can only bring. Since 2010, the Hawks are 1-6 in seven meetings.

Olathe South vs Olathe Northwest (OSF leads the series 11-1) @ CBAC
* In another great Olathe #233 matchup, the Falcons will take on the Ravens at CBAC. Unfortunately, at home, the Ravens have had a rough time against their fellow Eagles, and Hawks, at the CBAC. The only time the Ravens have defeated the Falcons was in week-4 of the 2015 season. That game ended a 10 game losing streak with the arrival of Chip Sherman to the gridiron of Olathe.

The Ravens do have a good chance of making this a game, providing the Falcons can recover from the Lancer loss a week prior.

SM East vs SM Northwest (SNW leads the series 25-21) @ SM North  
* While the series is misleading with the NW Cougars four games above 500 vs. the Lancers, the Cougars have struggled since 2009 to get a win against SM East. Under Chip Sherman, and Dustin Delaney the Lancers have reeled off 10 straight win's while the Cougars too, have had three Coaching changes. Despite all of that Bo Black, is looking to see his NW Cougars take the chances they need to take to upset the Lancers at Larry Taylor Field.