Monday, September 11, 2017

3 UP - 3 DOWN

3 UP

1 - Leavenworth Pioneers

In a very rare Sunflower start, the Pioneers have found themselves at the top of the standings with the Chesty Lions, Firebirds, Eagles, and Lancers. Although things are bound to change, which they always do, this is still proof (regardless of the play on the field) the Pioneers can, and will compete with anyone. The last Pioneers win against the Vikings, came on the night Andre Maloney suffered a stroke and passed away only days later. 

To this day, the Sunflower League continues to honor the leadership, fun, smiles, passion, and love for the game Andre Maloney brought to his fellow Vikings on and off the field and in the hallways of SM West High School. To our current student-athletes, don't hesitate to ask your Coach about Andre Maloney. He was a one of a kind athlete and a joy to watch, compete against, and make friends with any day of the week. 

2 - Chesty Lions & Firebirds

Same class?! Probably so. With both of the programs off to a fast start, and with no signs of slowing down these two are a fitting tandem at the top of the Sunflower League. While these two do not meet until week-8, both will continue to succeed until another team will attempt to knock them off in the standings. 

3 - Olathe East Hawks

The Olathe East Hawks came away with a huge road win on the road at ODAC against the Olathe North Eagles. Although these two did not meet in 2016, the Hawks came out on the short end in their last three meetings in 13, 14, and 2015. The 2012 season netted their last win against the Eagles in Gene Weir's return to the Sunflower League after nine seasons with the Richland Rebels of TX. 


1 - SM West Vikings

Of the 12 Football programs, the Vikings 0-2 start is the most surprising of the standings. Digging throughout the depths of the West Vikings program, the 2014 program started 0-2 as well finishing with a 6-5 record. There is still plenty of time, and win's to happen for the team as it enters the meat of the schedule. That said, a huge road block, and a possible huge road win could be possible against a 2-2 Blue Springs Wildcats led by Kelly Donahoe. 

To the Viking faithful "Nordic Nasties" continue to carry on the strong traditions each any every game, and that of Andre Maloney

2 - Olathe Northwest Ravens

The Ravens have seemed to find themselves once again behind the 8-ball similar to the SM North Indians. Coming up a road game to a very much improved Lee's Summit Broncos Football program could provide a quality challenge, and perhaps a revenge win needed to 'right the ship'. Olathe Northwest is better than what their record consists of, now its time to see them succeed. 

3 - SM North Indians 

With a slow start to the season, the Indians seem to be reeling a lot from leadership lost to graduation. The 2017 season is still young and there is plenty of time to raise their level of play. With a game on the road against a strong Lions program, no doubt a quick non-conference break could do some good and bring confidence to a good Indians program.  

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