Monday, August 7, 2017

SFL 2017 is upon us all

Long time no see to our loyal followers/readers alike amongst the Sunflower Faithful! 

With a new season upon us, the Sunflower League will once again, remain strong, and contend heavily against our local foes in the EKL. 

Although the off-season did not consist of Coaching changes, their will be a few tidbits of change entering the 2018 season. 

2017 will however be the final season of the Leavenworth Football Pioneers after 37 years of service to the League across all Fall, Winter, and Spring athletics. However, do not count them out totally, come entering the 5A-East post-season bracket. There will always be a chance of them running in to a local Johnson County foe sometime during week-9 or later depending on their future playoff scenarios. 

This year will also consist of a Junior Varsity Olathe West Owls Football program. While the High School does not have any Seniors enlisted on the first ever roster, this will become a great project for first year Head Coach TJ O'Neil, formerly of the Mill Valley Jaguars. The Jaguars have a strong, and experienced Coaching staff capable of game planning against any future #SFL foe, and post-season opponent come 2018 and beyond. 

The Lawrence Chesty Lions will look to field a strong season under retiring Head Coach Dirk Wedd, who is in his 19th and final year of the Chesty Lions. With 99 wins under his belt, he will look to reach 100 overall and beyond prior to retirement. Although the school year is yet to begin "officially" by KSHSAA standards on the calendar, there will be a very high interest in this position as it will open up. Interest will reach not only state wide in Kansas, yet also within the Kansas City area of the great Coaching staffs around the metro area. 

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