Thursday, May 18, 2017

Breaking News: Leavenworth to Exit SFL

Pioneers Football and Athletics to exit the Sunflower League

Beginning in the 2018-19 School year, the Leavenworth Pioneers USD #453 will join a new, and not yet named league with a majority vote of 7-0 to exit the Sunflower League. 

While their time in the Sunflower League is winding down after 37 years (1981-2017) a new, and possibly brighter future is on the horizon. 

Since joining the Sunflower League in 1981 from the Centennial (1932-1980) the Pioneers Football program has had multiple struggles on the gridiron and season after season.

Entering the 18-19 season, the Pioneers will find themselves within the likes of the: Lansing Lions, Basehor-Linwood Bobcats, Turner Golden Bears, DeSoto Wildcats, and Shawnee Heights Thunderbirds. 

Can this benefit the Pioneers? yes it can, can it also hurt? yes it can. Anything can happen. 

While most of the Sunflower League consists of roughly 85% Johnson County High Schools (Lawrence, and Free State in Douglas County) The Pioneers have dominated in many Fall, Winter, and Spring team and individual sports across all Sunflower competitions. 22 State Titles have been accomplished while in the Sunflower League with Men's and Woman's Basketball, Track & Field, and many other sports in which have been achieved. 

This will be a huge loss to the Sunflower League as the Pioneers will be removed off all schedules in the near future. They can, and will remain non-conference games from 2018 on should the SFL Athletic Director's need and want to schedule needed games or matches for meeting scheduling requirements. 

Looking towards the future, the Pioneers will be a huge component in League X. They will feature the largest enrollment of the six (6) schools, and maintain a presence at the top of the leagues standings in the months ahead. 

As for the 2017 season, the Pioneers will continue to be featured, each and every week throughout the season.