Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Thank you SFL2016

Thank you for allowing us to bring you this 2016 Football season as we have completed our second year operating the new version of the Sunflower Football Blog with permission of our friend and original writer Eli Underwood. Without Eli's permission to continue on, we could not bring you the coverage we attempt to do our best for our readers, and the Sunflower League community as a whole.

Looking back on 2016, it had its fair share of up's and down's as we all experience.

I want to first thank you, the reader, who is the most important of all who allows us to continue this love and passion of Sunflower League Football.

You, the reader, are our student-athletes, cheerleaders, Administrators, Coaches, coaching staffs, mom's and dad's, our Military service members, and many dedicated and loving grandparents in the stands each and every Friday night, and a shout out to the fans who attend the games. You are the driving force of your student-athletes success, and we want to continue to do our best, and improve each and every year for you.

2016 Thoughts of Thanks to you as we count down this 52nd week of the year:

* Healthy student-athletes

* Great Certified Athletic Trainers who keep our student-athletes healthy each season

* Sunflower League 12 School Administrations: Thank you for the great students you have performing on the gridiron representing your school and district each and every week

* 12 Great Head Coaches, and Coaching staffs who Teach, educate, coach, these young men

* 7 Great Football facilities and Custodial Staffs who maintain the grounds throughout the season and school year. You are noticed, and at times, not thanked often enough for all of the hard work you put in maintaing the school grounds. Thank you!

* Our readers who are outside of Johnson, Douglass, and Leavenworth counties including the KC-metro area: A shout out to good friend and Hutchinson News Sports Editor Brad Hallier for spreading the SFL readership to the rest of the state of Kansas when you can!

* To the SM East student section, and Shark Defense, a shout out from this old alumni, you are a blast to watch and allow me to smile and continue this work each week. The great passion and love you have in the stands is top notch and I will look forward to seeing you next Fall for our 60th season of Lancer Football !!!

* To my US Army family of Veterans/Battles, and all branches of service. With you who I am life time friends with as we found ourselves together from BCT to Ft. Campbell, KY and Taji, Iraq in 2005-06, thank you all for being readers of this blog and to be able to find a way to continue to heal with our own hidden battles we face each day. Your support I receive of co-writing this is a blessing of itself to keep driving each and every day.

Strike Fear & Air Assault HHB & C Btry 2-44 ADA!!!

* My Co-blogger, Austin Lockwood for putting up with my educational/historical perspective of each week as I am the old school historian and he is the Football/played the game knowledgable type that I am not. I was often on the field at halftime representing with the Lancer Drumline back in the day 1997-2000. Austin's game knowledge is far above mine in regards to tactics, rules, and all other information I do not know how to do on the gridiron.

* www.shawneemissionpost.com - Jay Senter & Mike Lavieri - Thank you guys!

Have a safe and wonderful New Years and I look forward to seeing all of you on the flip side as 2017 approaches! Student-athletes: Do the right thing! Make right decisions, stay out of trouble (includes academically), take care of yourselves, and family!

Thank you all again, and to my family,


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