Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pass & Review: Olathe #233 Football

                                                Changing of the Guard in Olathe #233

Entering the 2016 Sunflower Football season, a near 180 has been done within the Head Coaching ranks.

Outgoing since 2014 
Olathe North’s Gene Weir, Olathe East’ Jeff Meyers (Olathe Eagles alumni) and Jeff Gourley (resigned from Olathe South after 2015) have all exited after the conclusion of the last two Football seasons. Olathe Northwest only Coach in its first nine (9) Varsity years Todd Dain left after the 2012 season and is now Dr. Todd Dain and Principal of SM South.

Incoming since 2013 
Chip Sherman from SM East to Olathe Northwest, is now the Senior Head Coach of the four High Schools. Both Jesse Owen (ON Eagles alumnae) took over for long time Olathe East Head Coach Jeff Meyers after 23 seasons, and Chris McCartney taking over for Gene Weir after 25 seasons (1981-2002, 2012-2014).

Beginning in 2016 new to the lineup is Craig Lewis. Coach Lewis comes from Staley High School of the Suburban League where he was an Assistant Coach for Fred Bouchard, and prior to that the Head Coach for the Truman Patriots from 2001 to 2009.

With those positions at capacity, the future Olathe West Owls will begin a search after a Principal has been hired after July 1st of 2016.

HS – Head Coach (Out) --- Head Coach (In) 
OE       Jeff Meyers-23           Jesse Owen-2
ON       Gene Weir-22/3/25    Chris McCartney-2
ONW   Todd Dain-9              Chip Sherman-4
OS       Jeff Gourley-8            Craig Lewis-0 - Fall 2016
OW      x                                 x   
Totals: 65 years experience     8 years experience

Where are they now? 
Jeff Meyers - Assistant Coach @ William Chrisman Bears
Gene Weir - Kansas Jayhawks Football High School Recruiter
Dr. Todd Dain - SM South Raiders Principal
Jeff Gourley - Resigned from Olathe #233 Football at conclusion of 2015 season

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