Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sectional Round - Friday Nov. 13, 2015

Lawrence vs Blue Valley (@ Lawrence)
Olathe North vs SM East (@ ODAC)
Wichita Northwest vs Free State (@Free State)
Derby vs Junction City (@Junction City)

Game Preview

Lawrence vs Blue Valley (@Lawrence)
In a rare match up the Chesty Lions find themselves facing the Blue Valley Tigers of Stilwell. Both teams historically have done great at the 5 and 6A playoff levels via Bill Freeman, Dick Purdy and Dirk Wedd (Lawrence) to the Tigers own Steve Rampy, and alumni Eric Driskell. Of the two, both have incredible student-athletes ready to take each other on.

For the Tigers, stepping up big on defense will be a key point in stopping Chesty Lions RB JD Woods who leads the Sunflower in Touchdowns. They will also need to pressure QB Clothier often as possible to distrupt this great Chesty Lions offense.

Blue Valley leads the series 1-0, last played in 2008 Round 1 game - Won 42-23 

Olathe North vs SM East (@ ODAC)
In another monumental matchup, this time not at the Sub-State Final, the Eagles and Lancers once again face off in an epic battle on the gridiron. This season’s game however, will take place at ODAC, unlike SM North Stadium the previous two seasons.

The Lancers will feature QB Luke Kaiser, and a powerful offense that is no stranger to the Eagles from a season prior. Last season’s double-overtime game will feature Back Wyatt Edmisten, and multiple different attacking options for Head Coach Dustin Delaney. On the opposing sideline, you will see Vinnie Shabazz featured in Head Coach Chris McCartney’s offense. Although these teams are no stranger to each other in recent playoff seasons this will be a huge game for the both programs.

One would think, that the start of this game could again be 0 to 0 at the end of the first quarter but only time will tell. Both will do their best to continue to take care of the ball, and strong defense to contain each other’s strengths.

Will we see another double-OT game?! Time will only tell.   

The Eagles lead the series all-time at 16-6, below is an up to date breakdown.
EKL – 2-2  
SFL – 4-14
SFL Playoffs – Eagles 3W-2L
Thank you in advance to 8TimeStateChamps – I do have everything up to date.

Wichita Northwest vs Free State (@ Free State)
Of all 12 Sunflower League Football programs, this is the first ever meeting for the W-NW Grizzlies to take on the Free State Firebirds.

In a great run of the western side of the state, the Grizzlies have been in the playoffs since the 2008 season, and again eight straight seasons with quality opponents each time. This Friday night, going on the road at Free State will be no easy task as the Grizzlies will battle QB Bryce Torneden, and other forces within the Firebirds scoring arsenal. It will take a lot to end a seven (7) game winning streak for the Grizzlies to make a dent in the Firebirds defense.

Derby vs Junction City (@ Junction City)
JC big win over Hutch (finishing at 6-4) while the Blue Jays are looking to go 11-0… JC has done well dominating its Centennial League counterparts and advancing while the Topeka Trojans went home early against a talented Derby Panthers. The Panthers themselves, are not far removed from a great run to the 2013 6A State Title run, with a win over the SM East Lancers.

Since 2010, the JC Blue Jays have gone 3-2 in the 6A playoffs under Randall Zimmerman.


  1. ON vs. SME All-Time 16W & 5L

    2014 ON 35 SME 36 L Playoffs
    2013 ON 27 SME 37 L Playoffs
    2013 ON 22 SME 23 L
    2012 ON 7 SME 30 L
    2010 ON 24 SME 13 W
    2009 ON 42 SME 14 W Playoffs
    2008 ON 50 SME 6 W
    2007 ON 42 SME 7 W
    2002 ON 42 SME 14 W Playoffs
    2001 ON 41 SME 0 W Playoffs
    2001 ON 39 SME 14 W
    2000 ON 35 SME 0 W
    1997 ON 37 SME 7 W
    1996 ON 30 SME 0 W
    1995 ON 28 SME 0 W
    1994 ON 35 SME 3 W
    1991 ON 56 SME 0 W
    1988 ON 0 SME 13 L
    1987 ON 24 SME 0 W
    1986 ON 21 SME 0 W
    1985 ON 7 SME 3 W

  2. The Eagles lead the series all-time at 16-5, below is an up to date breakdown.
    EKL – 3-1
    SFL – 13-4
    SFL Playoffs – Eagles 3W-2L
    Last FOUR 0-4