Monday, October 26, 2015

Pass & Review: Week 8 - Changing of the Guard

As the Regular season winds down we find ourselves with a new Co-Sunflower League Champion.

The Chesty Lions of Lawrence and the Olathe North Eagles are back on top displaying their top talent as we head in to the 6A State Playoffs two weeks from now.

With the run of eight (8) straight by Lawrence since the Dick Purdy era of the 90's returning, Olathe North finds themselves in great company despite a tough loss to close out week-8.

The Chesty Lions last Sunflower Championship happened during the 1993 season prior to the rise of the Eagles in the mid-1990's led by Gene Weir, John McCall, and Tim Callaghan (two former  Eagles Assistants) now making their own marks within the league, both locally and beyond.

One thing we will know, is that the Sunflower League alone will have a great chance at representing the East side of the 6A State. Not without some great competition nearby, the Eagles, and Chesty Lions have to compete against a talented, and playoff experienced Blue Valley Tigers.

Outside of their EKL schedule, games in which they have faced Sunflower opponents, the Tigers have come away winners nearly 90% of the time since 2010.

Other variables will take place as well, should the Chesty Lions or Eagles run in to the SM East Lancers as well. This is one place where each and every week, our Coaches, and players prepare to play the best competition they can to move on to the next round.

To the Chesty Lions, it is great to see you back in form as your history, past and present is revealed in your play this season.

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