Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sunflower League Preview: Week 3

Week-3 Scoreboard
Thursday, Sept. 17th

SM South 7 vs Olathe East 29

Friday, Sept. 18th

SM East 44
vs SM Northwest 20
SM North 7 vs SM West 48
Lawrence 14 vs Free State 12
Olathe North 40 vs Olathe South 14
Olathe Northwest 30 vs Leavenworth 7

Thursday - 9/17

SM South vs Olathe East (@ SM South)
Olathe East opened in 1992, and the series began with the Raiders the following year in 1993. The Hawks lead in a dominating fashion over the Raiders in all facets of the game, both teams are 0-2 entering week-3. Improvement over the season by both as the season progresses.

For years, the mighty Olathe-3 dominated the SMSD #5, and finally, over time that has began to evolve back in the SMSD-5 Football teams in this recent era of SFL Football. The Raiders though, have been struggling against the Hawks since this series started. This will be the first time in this series that a new Head Coach will have started against each other with the departure of Jeff Meyers from OE.
* Olathe East leads the series 17W-0L in all games played --- never met in Playoffs
* Fred Merrill, Dr. Brett Potts (Blue Valley West Principal), Don Hanna (Blue Valley AC), Brandon Claypool and Ryan Lonergan (current SM West AC's) have never won against the Hawks
* Fresh starts and new era's of Football for both schools in 2015

Friday - 9/18

SM East vs SM Northwest (@ SM South)
Dominance and disappointment. From early on, 70s to 80s, and 90s to 00s, the Cougars often silenced the Lancers early and quietly on the game schedules of the past. The 2008 season under former Head Coach Aaron Barnett is the last win against the Lancers played at SM North.

Dominance in the fact that the Lancers for years have struggled against the Cougars. Yes, it's hard to believe that SM East has won 9 of the last 10, but the fact the Cougars have fallen short of many expectations in recent times during some of their greater days in the early 2000's, and again at the start of this decade are long gone.
* SM Northwest leads the series 25W-18L in 43 games played
* The Lancers are 9W-1L in their previous 10 games played
* SM East leads 76-19 in PF-PA in last two games

SM North vs SM West (@ SM North)
These two foes are familiar with each other, as most intra-District schools are these days. Dating back to the 60's and 70's, Coaching legends Larry Taylor of North took on Dick Purdy of SM West in classic match ups at both SMSD stadiums.

The Indians have struggled against the Vikings as of late. Not since the 2003 season, have the Indians came away with a Win from the Vikings, and Tim Callaghan's first season as Head Coach in which it is his only loss. West is 9-1 vs the Indians since he took over and in a dominate fashion to this day.

This week, they will meet again with West touting the home field at SM South, where the Indians have had a lot of trouble getting wins.
* Vikings lead the series 33W-19L, in 52 games played
* SM North Hall of Fame Teacher/Coach Larry Taylor is the only Head Coach to have a winning record against the Vikings
* Look for Will Schneider and his offense to find a way to lock down the Vikings, as they came off a come from behind victory last week

Lawrence vs Free State (@ Free State) - "City Showdown"
The Chesty Lions will be taking on the Firebirds of Free State in the city's 19th overall meeting.

Since the inception of this series, and pride that comes from both of these Football programs the Firebirds have dominated. With an 8-2 record in the last 10 games the intensity will make for a great game.

Breaking down this series, makes it a tough call to pick a winner. This is as tough as making a call of Olathe North and Olathe South as intense as that rivalry is as well! In 18 games played, only one game in the '99 season decided a District Title going to Free State. Historically speaking, these two have played 12 games in all playing the most in week-8. The series is tied at 6W-6L. With the addition of open scheduling given the option to all teams, this allowed a change in the schedule during the 2014 season to play in week-3. Free State came out with the win, and third straight since the 2012 season.

Lawrence is coming off a dominating win over Leavenworth, while Free State is coming off a loss to Olathe North.
* Free State leads the series 11W-7L in 18 games played
* The Chesty Lions look to end a three (3) game losing streak since 2012

Olathe North vs Olathe South (@ ODAC)
Since the opening of Olathe South in the Fall of 1981, this has been one of the greatest of city rivalries to date within the EKL (1981-1988) and present day SFL 1989-Present.

At the beginning of this current decade, the Eagles are 4-1 in all games played, with two shutouts of the Falcons in '10 and '13. This past season the Eagles won in OT with a 27-26 win. It was also the first OT game in the series history.

Here is a question to ponder, wondering what its historical back round is to the Olathe #233. Why is the Apple in the District logo red?! Are their four different versions to cover all 4+1 schools?! For you G!
* Olathe North is 23-5 vs Olathe South in the SFL 1989-2014 in 28 games played
* Olathe North is 29-7 in EKL & SFL combined 36 games played 1981-2014
* The Eagles have won the last three (3) since the 2012 season
Here is how the Coaching Breakdown of both schools plays out --->
Olathe North Eagles
Gene Weir 21-4 in 25 GC, 6-2 in EKL, 15-2 in SFL (81-88-89-99 losses to OS)
John McCall 2-0
Dave Bassore 0-1
Pete Flood 6-1
Chris McCartney 0-0
Olathe South Falcons
Bud Wheeler 3-12, 2-6 in EKL, 1-6 in SFL
Wayne McGinnis 0-2
Mark Littrell 3-8
Jeff Gourley 1-7

Olathe Northwest vs Leavenworth (@ CBAC)
The Ravens and Pioneers have squared off 10 times, with the Ravens coming off a week-3 win last season. Look for the Pioneers to come out swinging to get in to the win column.

While most of the games the Ravens have won have been on the road, the Pioneers, are looking to gain some respect against a very good Ravens defense. Although they fell short to the Vikings last week, the play of the defense will need to step up for Chip Sherman.

Offensively, we know the Pioneers are good, and if Drew Sachen and his O-Line can take care of him, they have a fighting chance as well. During the 2012 season the Pioneers won 30-23, so it can be done.
* Ravens lead the series 7W-3L in 10 games played
* Leavenworth has had four (4) different Head Coaches since Olathe Northwest opened in 2003
* SM South Principal Dr. Todd Dain was 6-3 vs the Pioneers as the Ravens first ever Head Coach


  1. SMN vs SMW is actually at North. It's North's Homecoming game.

  2. Thank you for the update Lindsey, changes made!

  3. i am pretty sure north is now 29-8 all-time vs olathe south with two of those games being in the playoffs.

  4. 1981 ON 6 OS 7 L
    1988 ON 7 OS 26 L
    1989 ON 0 OS 13 L
    1999 ON 8 OS 31 L
    2005 ON 14 OS 21 L
    2006 ON 27 OS 35 L
    2007 ON 6 OS 24 L
    2011 ON 10 OS 29 L