Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sunflower League Preview: Week 1

The opening week this year should be just as interesting as the last, here are some things people should look into as a week packed with games gets underway.

Key Questions

  • How much has SM North improved with QB Will Schneider (Jr.) entering his third season as a starter? It feels like it's been ages since we first saw Schneider take the field, there needs to be some significant improvement eventually despite the loss of his best receiver. Will this be the year?
  • How will the upper half of the league fair on the opening week? There should be at least one loss considering the Free State-SM West game, but can Olathe North and SM East hold up?
  • Will the Sunflower League perform than they did last year against teams outside of the league? SFL teams finished 5-3 against teams outside the league in Week 1 which isn't terrible, but perhaps a 6-2 finish isn't out of reach (They were 19-5 through districts and the playoffs)?

Players to Watch:

QB Bryce Torneden (Sr.), Lawrence Free State
QB Matt Wright, Olathe North 2014
  • Torneden has been toted as one of the best players in the league and that assumption will be tested right out the gate as he goes up against Shawnee Mission West. Wins are expected when Torneden hits the field, but it will be interesting to see his passing game and how it has improved.
RB Vinnie Shabazz (Sr.)/QB Matt Wright (Sr.), Olathe North
  • It usually isn't easy to reload an entire backfield, especially when your offense mostly revolves around two players. Olathe North will see how much losing Cole Murphy and Venus Triplett hurts if the offense sputters under new leadership. That said, both players showed potential in spurts last season and need to use that confidence as the base of an entire season.
QB Jo Montgomery (Sr.), Olathe South
  • The pressure's on for Olathe South to start with a bang if they want to succeed this season. The best chance for that to happen is to have sound decision making from QB Joe Montgomery. South's playbook revolves around the QB in more ways than simply throwing or running the  ball nonstop. (i.e. - SM North/Olathe North)
Have any players you're excited to see play? Leave a comment or post on the forums to let us know!

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