Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunflower League Pick 'Em 2015 Reminder

This is just a small reminder to everybody about the Sunflower League Pick 'Em that will be taking place! We ended last year with 12 active players on the final scorecard and I really hope to see even more people join in this year! I will post the general rules below!

Sunflower League Pick 'Em 2015 Information

How to Join:

The game will be run through the Sunflower League Football Forum (aka. the Message Board). To join, you simply have to join the forum and make your post on the thread that will be made very shortly! Submissions are very open to whatever form you wish to post as long as there is a clear and defined choice for each game. As long as I can tell who you chose, it doesn't matter what other things you put (i.e. - predicted scores, your opinions on each game, etc.)

Initial 2015 Post: SFL Message Board

  1. DO NOT edit your posts after 7:00PM on the first day of play (usually Thursday). If you want to edit your picks, it must be done before then to ensure that the integrity of the scores remain. If you wish to change your picks on Thursday after the Thursday night game has begun, you may make a new post and I will work it out on my own.
  2. Just have fun. There really isn't much to this game from a player side. Just be courteous and make your picks easy to determine and I can handle the rest!


Weeks 1-5
Each CORRECT Game = 2 Points
Each INCORRECT Game = 0 Points

Districts (Weeks 6-9)
Each CORRECT Game = 4 Points
Each INCORRECT Game = 0 Points

Regionals = 4 Points  (2 Bonus Points for non-SFL West side games)
Sectionals = 6 Points (2 Bonus Points for non-SFL West side games)
Sub-State = 8 Points  (4 Bonus Points for non-SFL West side games)

State Championship Game
CORRECT = 12 Points
GUESS THE SCORE = 6 Bonus points for each score predicted.

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