Thursday, August 13, 2015

SFN Preseason Coaching Interview with Eagles Chris McCartney

This week the #SFL met up with First year Olathe North Eagles Head Coach Chris McCartney. Coach McCartney's back ground begins as an Assistant Coach for 19 seasons beginning with Gene Weir, Dave Bassore, Pete Flood, and Gene Weir (2nd tenure.) Coach McCartney's Overall, and Sunflower records stand at 0-0, 0-0. This will be the 96th season of Eagles Football dating back to its beginnings as the Olathe Eagles in 1920 led by JD Edgar 1920-1922.                                                          


#SFN - With 19 years as an Assistant Coach under a great Coaching tree, how does this transition 
from Gene Weir to your time at the school make it easier for the players to get used too and being 

Chris McCartney
I would like to think that being here at Olathe North for the last 19 years has made the transition 
much easier. Coach Wier was very good to me and allowed me to be in control of certain aspects 
of the program including the weight room and the defense.

#SFN - Losing any SR’s to graduation always is a struggle for many high schools. 
How does the loss of Chaz Burgess affect your defense?

Chris McCartney
Chaz Burgess was not only a big loss to defense, but, he was also a great receiver and big asset 
as a back-up QB. He is a great all-around athlete that was a big "utility player" for us and he will 
definitely be difficult to replace.

#SFN - OS, SMW, and SME have all won a State Title since 2010, How does this represent a 
great passion for High School players here in NE Johnson County and retaining the State’s 
biggest trophy?

Chris McCartney
I think with titles being won by various programs has raised the reality that with great effort 
and a lot of hard work, a title can be with-in anyone's reach.

#SFN  - Gene Weir is a legend amongst the JOCO High School Football guard, and around the State 
by many local writers, is there any advice he gave to you in accepting this challenge as Head Coach?!

Chris McCartney
Coach Wier has been a great mentor to me.  Over the years, and especially recently, I could write a 
book with all the advice he has given.   He has been very supportive
since I have become head coach here at Olathe North.

#SFN  - Cole Murphy’s leadership has been a great strength on and off the field the last two seasons. 
Do you have a certain student-athlete, or position player stepping up in his spot to continue in his 

Chris McCartney
Right now we are still in the early stages of figuring out our leaders.  We have several kids that 
have shown great character in the off-season.  Isaiah Simmons, Ryan Workman, Vinnie Shabazz 
and Kaleb Brooks have shown very high character.

#SFN  - You have been part of all 8 State Titles the Eagles have won. Is there any particular season 
that you recall has been your favorite to be part of?

Chris McCartney
I don't have a favorite season.  They were all special in different ways.  
The most important part is the relationships I've built with the kids and coaches from those teams.

Coach, Thank you for meeting with #SFN, and best of luck to the Eagles as they start their 2015 season! 

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